Monroe, MI Subway Stirs Controversy with "No Hauk Tuah" Sign

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Monroe, MI—A local Subway restaurant has recently become the talk of the town—and the internet—thanks to a controversial sign displayed outside the establishment. The sign, which reads "NO HAUK TUAH ON OUR FOOTLONGS," has sparked a wide range of reactions from amusement to bewilderment.

At the top of the sign, the familiar Subway logo is prominently displayed. The logo features "SUB" in yellow and "WAY" in white, both set against a green background, with a yellow arrow emerging from the "S" and a white arrow from the "W." The intriguing message below this iconic logo has caught the eye of many passersby and netizens alike.

The signboard's message has left many scratching their heads. The term "Hauk Tuah," which seems to be a play on words, has led to a flurry of online comments. One commenter noted, "Subway HR going to be calling soon," indicating potential corporate backlash. Another user remarked, "I don't think I've ever seen a meme beaten to death faster," suggesting that the joke had quickly lost its charm.

In a humorous twist, one commenter joked, "They will Hauk Tuah your 6inch for an extra $5 though," while another added, "No Hauk Tuah. It's for a cop." The playful banter continued with comments like, "If she don’t hauk tuah I don’t wanna talk tuah."

However, not everyone was amused. Some expressed confusion, with one user stating, "I don't get it," and another adding, "I mean was it really that funny? I watched the video and gave a slight chuckle. I don’t get it." Despite the mixed reactions, the sign has undeniably drawn significant attention.

Interestingly, the sign sits against a backdrop of red-brick buildings and lush, green trees, under a partly cloudy sky. A speed limit sign displaying "30" and tall green grasses in the foreground add to the scene, making it a rather picturesque setting for such an unusual message.

The phrase "NO HAUK TUAH ON OUR FOOTLONGS" has not only become a topic of local conversation but also a viral sensation, with people from Ohio, Indiana, and beyond chiming in. One commenter humorously noted, "Every stoner in Ohio and Indiana knows this city well."

While the true meaning behind the sign remains a mystery to some, it has certainly put Monroe, MI on the map. Whether viewed as a clever marketing tactic or an inside joke gone viral, this Subway sign has achieved its goal of capturing public attention.

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I don't think I've ever seen a meme beaten to death faster.


Subway HR going to be calling soon


They will Hauk Tuah your 6inch for a extra $5 though.




"No Hauk Tuah. It's for a cop."


Society has collapsed


Imagine driving past with your mom and she asks you what that means lol


_Pure Michigan_


Easy, Ace … Maybe sit this one out given what, you know, happened with Jared.


If she don’t hauk tuah I don’t wanna talk tuah

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