Impressive Shot at the Range: Two Rounds Collide in Mid-Air

Mason Riverwind

Updated Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

An astonishing image has surfaced on Reddit, titled "Impressive shot at the range," capturing a rare and unbelievable occurrence: two spent bullet casings colliding mid-air and bending into an inverted "V" shape. The golden, metallic casings rest on a wooden surface with visible grain patterns, making the scenario even more surreal.

The remarkable nature of this image has sparked a flurry of reactions in the comments section. One user noted, "The cartridge ejection speeds on those guns is ridiculous," highlighting the sheer velocity needed for such an event to occur. Another suggested deleting the explanation to let the comment section "go wild," implying the image's ability to stand alone in its incredulity.

A humorous take from another commenter read, "We fire the whole bullet. That's 65% more bullet per bullet," referencing the absurdity of the situation. Several users speculated on the cause, with one pointing out, "I've heard of these bulletless rounds. I was skeptical at first but you brought receipts."

The phenomenon has also drawn comparisons to various cultural references. One user humorously linked it to Aperture Science, a fictional entity from the popular game "Portal," while another joked about "Bollywood movie physics," where special effects often defy the laws of real-world physics.

Historical anecdotes also surfaced in the comments, such as a mention of a Middle Eastern mother who once held up a bullet casing that had p********d her apartment, adding a somber note to the discussion.

The image's unique depiction of the casings forming a hinge-like appearance has captivated many, leading to comments like, "It took me a moment," and "You got me for 3 seconds and I'm really p***ed about it," showing a mix of awe and frustration at the optical illusion.

Overall, the image of these two bent casings has not only fascinated viewers but also sparked a wide range of interpretations and discussions, making it an unforgettable post in the annals of Reddit.

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Delete the explanation and just watch the comment section go wild


The cartridge ejection speeds on those guns is ridiculous.


Aperture. They fire the whole bullet.


I've heard of these bulletless rounds. I was skeptical at first but you brought receipts.


“We fire the whole bullet. That's 65% more bullet per bullet.”


This is the main cause of friendly fire. Can't trust anyone to the left of you.


I will be honest, it took me a moment. To be fair I am from the UK and ~~their~~ there are no knives involved.


Idiots. They loaded the bullets in backwards.


Many years ago, a Middle Eastern mother complained to the cameras about her son being killed by one of many bullets which had been fired through her apartment, as she held up one of them -- in its cartridge.


post it on facebook

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