Amusing PU Rubbing Board at ALDI Australia Leaves Shoppers in Stitches

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent visit to ALDI Australia has sparked a wave of laughter and curiosity among shoppers, thanks to a uniquely named home improvement tool displayed on the store shelves. The PU Rubbing Board, prominently labeled with its bold blue text on white packaging, has caught the attention of many, including one Reddit user who shared an amusing image titled, "I giggled and my wife rolled her eyes."

The image showcases a well-organized store aisle filled with various home improvement and kitchen accessories. Among the neatly stacked boxes of "Kitchen Mixer Tap" and other household tools, the flat rectangular PU Rubbing Board with its large yellow handle stands out. The tool, typically used for tiling or applying plaster, has an unexpected and humorous name that has spurred a slew of entertaining comments from users around the world.

One user, greeting from Germany, expressed surprise at ALDI's presence in Australia. Another user humorously asked for a translation into American English, hinting at possible cultural differences in terminology. The amusement didn't stop there, with comments suggesting the PU Rubbing Board's potential uses, from giving walls a "sensual m****ge" to questioning if it involves plutonium rubbing.

The playful banter continued as users joked about the tool's peculiar name. "PU Rubbing Board, where walls get more action than me," quipped one commenter, while another chimed in, "Didn't know rubbing was something you do with plutonium." The conversation even ventured into imaginative scenarios, with one user stating, "Do you lay it flat and just kneel and grind on the handle?"

For those puzzled by the acronym, another user clarified that "PU" stands for Polyurethane, a common material in home improvement tools. Despite the humorous undertones, the PU Rubbing Board has proven to be a legitimate and functional tool for DIY enthusiasts.

The image's lighthearted nature was further embraced by a user whose 14-year-old also found it amusing, validating the post's adherence to the sub's rules. The fun continued with references to household chores, with one user comparing the tool's action to that of their Roomba, humorously nicknamed "Pumba."

Overall, the PU Rubbing Board at ALDI Australia has not only provided a practical solution for home improvement projects but also a delightful source of entertainment for shoppers and online communities alike. The combination of an unusual product name and the creative imagination of internet users has led to a memorable and giggle-inducing experience.

For those planning a visit to ALDI Australia, keep an eye out for the PU Rubbing Board and join in on the fun. Whether for a home project or a good laugh, this tool is sure to leave an impression.

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Top Comments from Reddit


TIL that Aldi made it to Australia. Greetings from Germany.


Translation for American English please? Is it aussie slang for something? Thanks


Ah yes, the PU Rubbing Board. Perfect for when you want to give your walls a sensual m****ge.


Didn't know rubbing was something you do with plutonium


Well I ain’t gonna use my hands…


PU Rubbing Board, where walls get more action than me.


For those still confused. PU is for Polyurethane.


My 14 year old laughed too so I say this passes the sub's rules.


Peeta please help.



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