Viral Image: Zambian Pastor's Tragic Attempt at Resurrection Goes Wrong

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Friday, June 28, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A viral image circulating on Reddit has sparked intense discussions and reactions from users around the world. The image features a tragic and controversial event involving a Zambian pastor who attempted to resurrect himself in a manner similar to Jesus Christ. The image has two main elements: a photograph of the pastor in the top left corner and a somber scene of an open grave with people gathered around it.

The text within the image bluntly states, "VIRAL: ZAMBIAN PASTOR DIES AFTER BEING BURIED ALIVE HOPING TO RESURRECT LIKE JESUS," followed by the word "wasted" at the bottom. This has led to a variety of reactions and comments from Reddit users, ranging from disbelief to dark humor.

One user commented, "Who's to say he wasn't resurrected?" while another quipped, "Maybe he should've started with turning water into wine." The event has also prompted discussions about biblical accuracy, with one user noting, "Jesus wasn't buried. Him not knowing that is odd."

The incident has not only sparked conversations about faith and belief but also raised important questions about the dangers of extreme religious practices. A user sarcastically remarked, "These Holy Week reenactments are getting outta hand," reflecting the general sentiment of skepticism and irony.

Some comments took a more humorous approach, with one user writing, "If you're stupid and you know it, bury yourself alive. Clap-clap," while another added, "This year's Darwin awards are going to be lit." Despite the humor, the underlying tragedy of the pastor's death remains a serious subject.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of misinterpreting religious texts and the importance of critical thinking. As one user aptly put it, "Even if you are confident you are Jesus, it’s not a bad idea to reconsider that one."

The viral image of the Zambian pastor's failed resurrection attempt is a poignant example of how faith, misinformation, and extreme actions can lead to devastating outcomes.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Who's to say he wasn't resurrected? Maybe he was resurrected and died again because he was buried.


Was Jesus buried alive? The good pastor seems to have misread his user's manual.


We still need a 3 day grace period to really call it right?


Thoughts and prayers


Dude didn’t even read the story lol Jesus was in a tomb and not buried


These Holy Week reenactments are getting outta hand


Maybe he should've started with turning water into wine


Resurrection Instructions unclear…


“Hoping” That’s one of those scenarios where, unless you’re CONFIDENT that you’re Jesus, you don’t do it. Even if you are confident you are Jesus, it’s not a bad idea to reconsider that one.


Jesus wasn't buried. Him not knowing that is odd

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