Silly Insults at Mets/Yankees Game: Kids' Handwritten Letter to Aaron Goes Viral

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Friday, June 28, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

An amusing scene unfolded at a recent Mets/Yankees game, where some young fans caught everyone's attention with a handwritten letter filled with playful insults directed at someone named Aaron. The letter, held by kids in front of the camera, has since gone viral on Reddit, sparking laughter and discussion across social media.

Two side-by-side photographs capture the moment at the baseball stadium. In the left image, a person in a black shirt holds the letter with both hands, displaying the text against a backdrop of bright green grass and stadium seating. The daylight suggests a sunny day, perfect for a ballgame. In the right image, the person’s position shifts slightly, offering a different view while still showcasing the baseball field. The person also wears a gold bracelet and a heart-design jewelry piece, adding a touch of personality to the scene.

The letter is a humorous compilation of creative taunts aimed at Aaron, filled with a mix of teasing and rib-tickling remarks. Here’s a breakdown of the letter’s content:

**Left Image:**

1. "Hey Aaron I bet you think mayonnaise is a instrument you bum!!"

2. "Aaron you look like an off-brand Garry. You're the type to high 5 with both hands. You Bum!!"

3. "Aaron I bet you're too chinfuctile to be here."

4. "Aaron I bet your tender fixters are too tender to fish! You Bum.!!"

5. "Aaron I heard you tie stickles afralto. You Bum!!!"

6. "Hey Aaron I bet you dedicated black pawn you bum."

7. "Aaron you live you tell women to get Mer a Uge. you bum!!"

**Right Image:**

8. "Aaron I bet you throw 800 cheese got legal when you can throw 800! You bum!"

9. "Aaron I hope you aren't a mimeozone by the rain you bum!!"

10. "Aaron you look like you eat pinoy littel one can beign comps annings you bum!!"

The Reddit community found the letter both silly and endearing. Comments ranged from appreciation of the unique insults to reminiscing about similar heckling experiences at sports events. One user remarked, "Brushing teeth with two hands is actually a solid insult," while another noted, "I remember when I learned NYC fans were on a different level."

One comment humorously pointed out, "Really glad to see New York literacy programs are making progress. You bums!" Another added, "This is AP level heckling for sure, I love it," highlighting the creativity and effort put into the taunts.

The playful nature of the letter, combined with the vibrant atmosphere of the Mets/Yankees game, made for a memorable and entertaining moment. It’s a reminder of how sports events can bring out the fun and camaraderie among fans, even through good-natured ribbing.

Whether a die-hard baseball fan or just someone looking for a good laugh, this viral moment at the Mets/Yankees game is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Brushing teeth with two hands is actually a solid insult.




Pretty sure they stole those from TrevChirps. But they are hilarious so good on these kids for keeping this alive!


I heard you the stickers on a fruit! You bum!


How’d I do? 1. HEY Aaron I bet you think mayonnaise is a intrement you bum!!! 2. Aaron you look like you brush you’re teth with both hands you bum!!! 3. Aaron I bet you’re charger only works specific Angle you bum!!! 4. Aaron I bet you’re tender pictors are you holding a fish!! you bum!! 5. Aaron I heard you the stickers off a fruit you bum!!! 6. HEY Aaron I bet you denied a kid meetings you bum!!! 7. Aaron you like you tell women to smile more you bum!! 1. Aaron I bet you’re dog doesn’t get excited when you get home you bum!! 2. Aaron I hope you don’t have an umbreala when it rains you bum!!! 3. Aaron you look like you eat bananas with the peel on you bum!!! 4. extra innings if winning


“Mayonnaise is a intrement”?


Really glad to see New York literacy programs are making progress. You bums!


I remember when I learned NYC fans were on a different level I went to an Astros-Dodgers ballgame with some friends and another kid who was a Mets fan. We were all like 16-18 years old. Way back, Astrodome days. Tommy Lasorda (Dodgers manager) came out on to the field to argue a call. We booed furiously and might have yelled something like, "Go back to Hollywood, f*****!" The Mets fan waited until amateur hour was over and yelled, "Hey Tommy, do you need the ump to cook you some pasta so you can stuff it up your wife's a** and eat it out?"


6. Originally said that he denied a make a wish kid. Lmao


You bum! Oh that sent me!

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