The Internet is Obsessed with This Bell Pepper That Looks Like It Has Lips

Avery Emberly

Updated Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent post on Reddit has captured the attention and humor of internet users everywhere. The image features a red bell pepper placed on a white surface in what appears to be a kitchen setting. What sets this bell pepper apart is its unusual shape, which makes it look like it has lips or a puckered mouth at its bottom. The green stem is prominently visible at the top, and the surface of the pepper is shiny and smooth with a few wrinkles around the 'lips' area. The background, slightly blurred, hints at another pepper and possibly kitchen counters and appliances in neutral tones.

The quirky appearance of the pepper has sparked a flurry of comments and reactions. One user humorously commented, "Reminds me of my first girlfriend. She loved peppers," while another wittily remarked, "Nah! It’s a Belle Pleasure." The playful nature of the comments continued with references to popular culture and cheeky puns. For instance, one user suggested, "r/dontputyourd***inthat," and another simply stated, "I love red bell peppers."

The unique shape of the pepper has led to a variety of humorous interpretations. One comment reads, "Ladies. Always wash your pepper," reminding people to maintain good hygiene, albeit in a humorous context. Another user quipped, "This pepper has no chill," noting the unexpected and amusing nature of the pepper's appearance.

Some users even drew connections to their personal lives or made light-hearted jokes. Comments like "I should call her" and "Everything reminds me of her!!" suggest that the pepper's shape evoked memories or emotions. On the other hand, some users couldn't resist making more risqué remarks, such as "HEAR ME OUT-" and "Cap-she-c**."

The image has even inspired references to popular characters. One user suggested, "We need an 'Approved by Quagmire' sticker," alluding to the iconic character from the show Family Guy known for his humorous and often inappropriate comments.

Despite the humorous and varied interpretations, the pepper's unique shape has undeniably captured the collective imagination and humor of the internet. Whether it's reminding someone of a loved one or simply sparking a good laugh, this bell pepper has become an unexpected star.

For those interested in seeing this viral sensation, simply searching for "It's A Bell Pepper" on Reddit will lead you to the original post and its wealth of entertaining comments. This just goes to show that sometimes, even the most ordinary objects can bring a bit of joy and laughter to our day.

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Reminds me of my first girlfriend. She loved peppers.




I should call her


Nah! It‘s a Belle Pleasure.




Everything reminds me of her!!


I love red bell peppers.






Ladies. Always wash your pepper

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