James Acaster's Playful Meme: From Determined Chef to Bon Appét

Riley Sundew

Updated Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

James Acaster, the beloved British comedian, strikes again with a playful meme circulating on Reddit. Fans are raving about this three-panel meme that captures James in his element, perfectly blending humor and relatability.

The top panel shows James in a plaid shirt and light-colored apron, standing in a cozy, rustic kitchen setting. He appears focused and slightly stressed as he begins his culinary project, with utensils and a light blue cabinet in the background. The text overlay reads, "Started making it."

Moving to the middle panel, James's expression shifts to one of dejection. Shoulders hunched, he looks down at his work, embodying the classic mid-project breakdown that many can relate to. The text overlay humorously states, "Had a breakdown."

Finally, the bottom panel showcases James presenting his creation to three smiling judges, each dressed in different outfits: one in gray and red, another in a gray blazer, and the third in blue and white. The judging area is filled with various kitchen items, adding to the friendly atmosphere. The text overlay concludes with a resigned yet humorous "Bon appét**."

Reddit users can't get enough of this meme. One user commented, "I believe you mean Detective Pat Springleaf!" referencing another beloved character James has portrayed. Another shared, "The Blockbusters episode with Dara hosting and James as the celebrity guest has me dying every time I watch it."

The meme has struck a chord with fans, who find James's comedic timing and expressions to be spot-on. "James is my spirit animal," one user declared, while another added, "I'm a simple woman. I see James Acaster, I upvote."

Other comments highlight classic moments from James's appearances on shows like "Taskmaster," with mentions of his memorable line, "Pappadums or bread!" and his jet-lagged state of having not slept for 36 hours.

For anyone looking to enjoy a good laugh and appreciate the comedic genius of James Acaster, this meme is a must-see. It's a perfect blend of determination, humor, and a touch of culinary chaos, making it a delightful addition to any fan's collection.

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Top Comments from Reddit


I believe you mean Detective Pat Springleaf!


James is my spirit animal


The Blockbusters episode with Dara hosting and James as the celebrity guest has me dying every time I watch it.


He hadn't slept in 36 hours and had jet lag. https://youtu.be/ewTIDd90uZY?si=mmvU-Myl5BYPIoty


I'm a simple woman. I see James Acaster, I upvote.


Pappadums or bread!


Thought this was r/meirl


But it does look like the dish is a circle, like his eyes.


Finders Keepers. Shut up.


At least it's not cabbages.

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