Entertaining Video: Jim's Bizarre Ghostly Romance Unveiled

Aiden Starling

Updated Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent Reddit video that's capturing attention, Jim shares a hilariously bizarre story about dating a ghost. This peculiar relationship comes with a significant age gap—Jim is 34, while his ghostly girlfriend is 156. The ghost, however, was 20 years old when she passed away, leading to some amusing yet awkward exchanges.

Jim humorously describes the challenges of dating a ghost. He mentions their frequent arguments and her jealousy over a ghost tour he attended. Her reaction to the death of his friend's mom, who was 80 years old, adds another layer of comedy to the situation.

The ghost, being from the 1800s, has some old-fashioned quirks. She persistently asks Jim to bring her amulet to an altar every full moon, which he finds both romantic and strange. He jokingly laments about not being ready to solve her murder, highlighting the weirdness of their relationship.

In a twist, Jim reveals that he was catfished—the ghost turned out to be an old man. This revelation adds to the comedic essence of the video, leaving viewers in stitches.

Comments from viewers reflect the general amusement and engagement with the video. One user expressed enjoyment, while another wryly noted, "A day on Reddit." Another comment humorously critiqued the length of the joke, saying, "Oh cool, a 5 second joke that goes on for a minute and a half. Awesome."

This video was also featured on "This American Life," where Jim humorously pointed out that expecting progressive views from a woman from the 1800s is unrealistic.

For more laughs and to witness Jim's ghostly dating adventures, check out the full video on Reddit.

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A day on Reddit


Oh cool, a 5 second joke that goes on for a minute and a half. Awesome.

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