Amusing Notice Urges Students to 'Bust a N.U.T.' for a Better School Year

Mia Nightshade

Updated Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a surprising and comical turn of events, a printed notice found taped to a tiled wall has taken social media by storm. The notice, somewhat crinkled and held in place by a piece of grey masking tape, carries a motivational message aimed at the [Redacted] community. The focal point of the notice is its bold, blocky text in the center, which humorously urges students to "Bust a N.U.T."

The full content of the notice reads:


**Dear [Redacted] Community,**

As we approach the end of the school year, we would like to ask that you:

**Bust a N.U.T.**

- **N**ever put others down

- **U**nderstand and acknowledge the feelings of others

- **T**ell others how you feel

We ask that you share this message with all of your classmates and that you N.U.T. all over [Redacted]. Make our school a better place by N.U.T.ting together. Don't stop at just N.U.T.ting with your friends. N.U.T. with teachers, classmates, and even strangers.



The notice has sparked a slew of reactions on Reddit, with users speculating about its origin and intent. One user humorously suggested, "There's a 98% chance a student taped that up and then immediately took a picture." Another agreed, stating, "Nah, a student wrote that."

The playful acronym N.U.T., which stands for "Never put others down, Understand and acknowledge the feelings of others, and Tell others how you feel," has led to a series of witty comments. One user remarked, "You want to promote people to NUT according to the flyer, not bust them," while another added, "Reminds me of the guidance councilor in Bob’s Burgers."

The comedic value of the notice is undeniable, with users sharing their own takes on "busting a N.U.T." One user joked, "I n.u.t. all the time!" while another quipped, "I like to N.U.T. at work." The notice even drew comparisons to nostalgic advertising campaigns, with one user recalling, "Reminds me of the corn nuts advertising campaign of the late 90’s."

Despite the lighthearted nature of the notice, some users pointed out its flaws, with one noting, "I know, right? That typesetting is appalling. Totally unacceptable." Nevertheless, the majority of comments embraced the humor, with users playfully engaging with the concept of "N.U.T.ting."

The notice has certainly achieved its goal of garnering attention and encouraging community interaction, albeit in an unintended and humorous manner. Whether it was a student's prank or a genuine motivational attempt, the message to "Bust a N.U.T." has resonated with many, making it a memorable and entertaining part of the school year.

For those in the [Redacted] community, the notice serves as a reminder to foster a positive environment by embracing the principles of N.U.T. And for everyone else, it offers a good laugh and a lesson in the unexpected ways messages can be interpreted.

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Top Comments from Reddit


There's a 98% chance a student taped that up and then immediately took a picture


Nah a student wrote that.


that was definitely put up by a student


I n.u.t. all the time!


This looks fake, You want to promote people to NUT according to the flyer, not bust them.


"N.U.T. all over _________"


I get the acronym, but how do you "Bust a N.U.T."?


At least they didn't recommend busting a N.U.T. ON your teachers...


Reminds me of the guidance councilor in Bob’s Burgers.


Ah yes.. the HOA version of hawk tuah

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