Exploring the Humorous 'Universal Rotten Tomatoes Scale' Chart

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Updated Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent image titled "Universal Rotten Tomatoes Scale" has been making waves on Reddit, capturing the attention of movie enthusiasts and critics alike. This humorous chart, designed with a bright red background and white text, offers a tongue-in-cheek categorization of movie ratings, cleverly poking fun at the often-debated discrepancies between critic and audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes.

The chart is divided into multiple rows and columns, each row featuring two main columns with ratings and descriptive labels. The top section of the chart includes the header "UNIVERSAL Rotten Tomatoes SCALE" and a subheader that reads "ITS A JOKE, RELAX," setting the playful tone for the content that follows.

### The Categories:


- **Rotten Tomatoes**: 91% Tomatometer (Fresh)

- **Reviews**: 256 Reviews

- **Audience Score**: 96% (Full Popcorn Bucket)

- **Ratings**: 2,500+ Verified Ratings

- **Description**: Movies in this category are considered universally excellent by both critics and audiences, ensuring a must-watch experience.

2. **GREAT**

- **Rotten Tomatoes**: 81% Tomatometer (Fresh)

- **Reviews**: 367 Reviews

- **Audience Score**: 70% (Half-Full Popcorn Bucket)

- **Ratings**: 1,000+ Verified Ratings

- **Description**: These films are highly regarded, though audience opinions may vary slightly more.


- **Rotten Tomatoes**: 59% Tomatometer (Rotten)

- **Reviews**: 282 Reviews

- **Audience Score**: 95% (Full Popcorn Bucket)

- **Ratings**: 10,000+ Verified Ratings

- **Description**: Despite lower critic scores, these movies have a strong audience following and are worth watching.


- **Rotten Tomatoes**: 75% Tomatometer (Fresh)

- **Reviews**: A mix of critical acclaim and audience skepticism, often associated with A24 productions.

### Community Reactions:

Reddit users have had a field day discussing the nuances and humor of this chart. One user pointed out the absence of a category for films with high critic scores but low audience appreciation, sparking a broader conversation about the differences in perspectives between critics and the general public.

Another user humorously declared, "I eat potato," highlighting the diverse range of comments such posts can elicit. The merits of Rotten Tomatoes versus Metacritic were also debated, with some users arguing that Metacritic's weighted scoring system offers a more accurate reflection of a film's quality.

A particularly nostalgic comment reminisced about the impact of critic Roger Ebert, whose reviews often provided valuable insights regardless of his personal opinions on a film. The mention of specific movies like "Boondock Saints" and "Bullet Train" further emphasized the chart's relevance to real-world examples of critic-audience score disparities.

### Conclusion:

The "Universal Rotten Tomatoes Scale" chart serves as a humorous yet thought-provoking commentary on the often subjective nature of movie ratings. It underscores the importance of considering both critic and audience perspectives when choosing what films to watch, ultimately reminding us that taste is deeply personal and varied.

For anyone interested in exploring the dynamic world of film ratings, this chart offers a delightful starting point, blending humor with genuine insights into the diverse landscape of movie criticism.

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I find it fascinating how much critics and audience score often differs. When you are a critic you have a vastly different perspective on the media - you've seen hundreds of movies every year so you are no longer amazed by the ones that just follow the formula very well, while it may be something that your average Joe/Joanna enjoys. Societal element plays a huge role as well, but that's a whole different topic that I don't know if I want to delve into.


Rotten tomatoes kinda sucks because it just shows you what percentage of critics didn’t hate a movie.  It doesn’t attempt to actually measure quality. So in theory if every critic gave a documentary a score of 2.5/4, it would come out 100% certified fresh.     Whereas metacritic actually attempts to convert every review to a 1-100 scale, with weighting based on publication, and give you a consensus score.      **I wrote this a couple years ago as a method to understanding metacritic scores:**   **90-100:** This is likely some kind of masterpiece. These are rare. Some of the greatest movies of all time score in this range.  **80-100:** Most Oscar contenders score in the 80s. If a movie clears 80, it represents widespread critical acclaim. Basically must-see.  **70-80:** This still represents very favorable reviews (think 3 out of 4 stars). Most of the very best Marvel movies score in this range. Guardians of the Galaxy (78), Thor Ragnorok (74), Captain America Civil War (75). Nolan's movies mostly fall in this range. A widespread broad audience should enjoy movies here regardless of genre. For instance, I hate the Horror genre, but I'll show up for a Horror movie that scores in this range (such as "Cabin in the Woods" and "Invisible Man"... both of which scored 72/100 and I ended up liking)  **60-70:** Ok, these movies are still pretty decent, but if you HATE the genre, you might want to avoid it. I hate horror movies, so I'm probably avoiding a horror in this range. I love super-hero movies so when "Ant-Man" scores 64/100 I know I'll probably dig it... but if you find that genre childish, you might want to skip it. Hate dumb action flicks? Maybe avoid Hobbs & Shaw (60/100), but otherwise you'll probably enjoy it.  **50-60:** This is the range where if it's your favorite genre, you may still love it. Big Snyder fanboy? You might come away thinking "Man of Steel" (55/100) is perfect for you. Love comedy horror? "Happy Death Day" (58/100) is right in your wheelhouse. Can't get enough of Sci-Fi? "Alita: Battle Angel" (53/100) might end up your favorite movie of the year. If these aren't your genre... you might kinda hate these films.  **40-50:** This is the range that I'd recommend totally avoiding unless it's your favorite genre or you're already obsessed with the characters. "Batman v Superman 44/100". "Justice League" 45/100. "Suicide Squad" 40/100. Most will think they are trash, but if you ride or die for movies Snyder touches, you'll probably defend them to the death. I'm a big comedy fan... so I'm down with watching a stupid comedy in this range. "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" (44/100) is dumb as hell, but I love the genre so I dug it.  **30-40:** Yikes territory. Unless you're like... ALL ABOUT this genre, you probably will think it sucks. Like... Sorry, but "Venom" (35/100) s*****, but if you can't get enough of Superhero movies, you might come away enjoying it. The Dumb and Dumber sequel (36/100) was trash, but I'm all about Jim Carrey movies so I was totally fine with it. Totally obsessed with scifi fantasy adventure family movies... maybe you'll find something redeemable in "Artemis Fowl" (31/100)  **0-30** - Some of the worst movies ever made. Avoid unless you're willing to do a lot of drugs beforehand. That said, taste is subjective regardless of consensus quality. I once went on a couple movie dates with a girl who couldn't stop laughing during "The Love Guru" (24/100), but hated "Wall-E" (95/100). It totally changed how I saw her as a person, but people are gonna like what they are gonna like.


You missed high critic and s*** audience score


i eat potato


A24 is awesome


Whoah now. I hate pretentious movies too, but A24 has plenty of bangers.


So what's the symbology there?


Can we talk about how Boondock Saints is a great movie though?


Fairly accurate. Another Tomatometer low, audience score high movie is Equilibrium. That's when I figured out this scale years ago


75/35 it's a disney show that ruined the franchise but paid the critics.

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