Door Stopper Fail: You Had One Job and This Happened!

Aiden Starling

Updated Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A silly Reddit video titled "Door stopper: you had one job" has taken social media by storm. The video showcases a classic DIY fail where a door stopper was mistakenly installed on the door itself rather than on the wall, leading to a flood of amusing and insightful comments.

One user humorously pointed out, "lol its supposed to be installed on the wall to stop the door." This sentiment was echoed by another who quipped, "Common sense ain't nearly as common as it once seemed to be." The consensus was clear: the person who installed the stopper got it wrong, not the stopper itself.

The mishap prompted creative solutions from viewers. One suggested, "Now you need a door stopper stopper," while another added, "

Despite the error, some found humor in the situation. One comment read, "I assume this is some sort of L***** Tunes setup where if you try to open the door, it will stay in place and the entire wall it is hinged upon will swing around and smash into the door, necessitating the wall stopper to be placed there." Another user echoed this comical take, "Please no slammy the toilet door jammy."

The video's transcript, "Abone olmayı, yorum yapmayı ve beğen butonuna tıklamayı unutmayın," emphasizes the importance of subscribing, commenting, and liking the content, which likely contributed to its viral status.

In a world where DIY projects often go awry, this door stopper fail serves as a perfect reminder to always double-check instructions and placements. It’s not just about having the right tools, but also about using them correctly!

For more laughs and lessons in common sense, search for "Door stopper: you had one job" and join the conversation.

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Top Comments from Reddit


lol its supposed to be installed on the wall to stop the door


Common sense ain't nearly as common as it once seemed to be.


More like *the person that installed it*. The stopper actually did its part.


It's not supposed to be on the door. Door stop installer, you had one job


I mean, it stopped the door? Should have gotten a door stopper stopper to protect the wall.


Now you need a door stopper stopper


My parents always lined em up with the baseboards.🤷


Because some idiot has put it on the door not the wall 😂


Because it goes on the wall, not the door


Wall be d*****!

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