Amusing Exchange: Diplomat from Congo Grilled by Comedian

Avery Emberly

Updated Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent viral video on Reddit, titled "No, I live in the Congo," showcases a amusing interaction between a diplomat and a comedian, leaving viewers in stitches. The video begins with the comedian asking the diplomat about his current residence, assuming he lives in Sherman Oaks. The diplomat quickly corrects him, stating he lives in the Congo, DRC.

The comedian humorously quips that Sherman Oaks is widely referred to as the "Congo of Los Angeles," sparking laughter from the audience. The conversation takes an interesting turn when the diplomat reveals his role as a foreign service officer in USAID, working on environmental preservation in the Congo Basin. This is a stark contrast to the comedian's daily grind of doing self-tapes for commercials.

The diplomat's impressive travel history, including stints in Afghanistan, Liberia, Malawi, and Tanzania, prompts the comedian to joke about feeling inferior. The room, filled with actors and a******g actors, can't help but laugh at the contrast between their lives and the diplomat's adventurous career.

As the conversation progresses, the comedian playfully accuses the diplomat of being in the CIA, a common speculation given the diplomat's extensive travel and mysterious aura. The diplomat's denial only fuels the comedic fire, leading to a amusing grilling session that has the audience roaring with laughter.

The video has garnered numerous comments from viewers appreciating the comedian's wit and the diplomat's poise. One user remarked, "Your smile is what sells so much of your work. To go through so many faces and emotions to land on that grin on the Langley line was so perfect." Another user humorously speculated, "Def CIA. US AID is one of the more famous fronts for the CIA."

The diplomat's cool demeanor and the comedian's sharp humor create a perfect blend of comedy and intrigue, making this video a must-watch. The crowd's reaction and the witty banter make it clear why this video has become a hit on Reddit.

For those searching for a mix of comedy and real-life adventure, this video is a perfect find. The diplomat's unique background and the comedian's crowd work create an unforgettable and laugh-out-loud experience. Don't miss out on this viral sensation, "No, I live in the Congo," and join the millions who are already loving it.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Your smile is what sells so much of your work. To go thru so many faces and emotions to land on that S*** Eating Grin on the Langley line was so perfect.


Guys going to get taken out


Def CIA. US AID is one of the more famous fronts for the CIA.


If he was in the CIA he wouldn't say we're his been at he would say he sells paper or appliances something boring like that.


So, about that heart attack gun. What's your thoughts and experience?


"Have you considered Sherman Oaks?" Lol He's hilarious!


He works for the CIA.


Had me rolling. 🤣 The dude is cute AF, though ngl.


I have watched many of your videos. This one had me laughing hard! Almost spit out my coffee!


So do these comedians that are always posted on here actually have material or do they just show up and start chatting with the crowd?

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