Whimsical Comic on Reddit Captures the Quirky Reality of Catcalling

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Monday, June 24, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent post on Reddit, titled "Catcalling [OC]," has garnered significant attention for its humorous and relatable depiction of a cat's experience with humans making the familiar "pspspsps" sound. This four-panel comic brilliantly illustrates the sometimes confusing and annoying interactions cats have with well-meaning but misguided humans.

In the first panel, a bearded man in glasses, dressed in a red shirt and brown pants, stands holding two grocery bags. Trying to attract the cat’s attention, he calls out, “HERE KITTY!” and makes the “Psspspsps” sound. The cat, clearly annoyed, responds with a firm “NO!”

The second panel introduces an older woman in a purple dress and glasses, accompanied by a child in white clothes. Both approach the cat making the same “Psspspsps” sound, causing the cat to look scared and run away, shouting “STOP!”

In the third panel, the cat seeks help from a police officer in uniform, pointing towards the people who are harassing it. The cat exclaims, “POLICE, HELP! I’M BEING HARASSED BY CREEPS!” However, the police officer also joins in, making the “Psspsps” sound, leaving the cat worried and annoyed.

The final panel shows the police officer cradling the cat in their arms, continuing with “Psspspspspspsps!” The cat looks irritated but resigned to its fate.

The comic cleverly uses humor to highlight how humans often use the “pspspsps” sound to attract cats, a sound that cats neither make nor necessarily respond to. The background in all panels features indistinct, bluish shapes representing buildings, setting the scene in an urban environment.

Reddit users reacted with a mix of amusement and empathy for the cat. Comments like “This is so hard gonna appear on r/peterexplainsthejoke” and “No one understands cats” reflect the shared sentiment that humans often misunderstand feline behavior. One user humorously noted, “Poor cat haha!” while another added, “Why do people make that particular sound at cats? Cats don't make that sound, respond to it, or even know what it is.” However, not everyone found it amusing, with one comment stating, “Kind of a downer actually.”

This comic is a must-see for cat lovers and those who enjoy light-hearted humor about everyday interactions with pets. The post effectively captures the quirky reality of catcalling in a way that resonates with a broad audience on Reddit.

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This is so hard gonna appear on r/peterexplainsthejoke


No one understands cats


Poor cat haha!


Why do people make that particular sound at cats? Cats don't make that sound, respond to it, or even know what it is


Kind of a downer actually

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