John Daly's Amusing Quote Takes the Internet by Storm

Mia Nightshade

Updated Monday, June 24, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Golf enthusiasts and meme lovers alike are buzzing about a viral image of legendary golfer John Daly. The picture captures Daly at the peak of his golf swing, embodying his unique and confident style. Known for his larger-than-life personality and unconventional fashion choices, Daly sports a bright blue polo shirt paired with eye-catching multicolored, paisley-patterned shorts. His grey hair and long white beard add to his distinctive look, making him a standout figure on any golf course.

The image features a memorable quote from Daly himself, boldly displayed on the left side against a dark, shadowed background: "YOU CAN'T PULL FAT. THAT'S WHY I'M NEVER INJURED." This humorous and self-deprecating remark has resonated with fans, sparking a wave of reactions online. One Reddit user humorously questioned if Daly might be Santa Claus in disguise, while another recalled a similar quote from baseball player John Kruk in the early '90s.

Discussions about Daly's drinking habits and his influence on popular beverages have also surfaced. One commenter mentioned how John Daly inspired a drink made of half lemonade and half sweet tea vodka, a refreshing yet potent concoction perfect for a hot summer day. The image also prompted admiration for Daly's resilience, with users expressing amazement at his enduring presence in the sport despite his unconventional lifestyle.

For those seeking to brighten their day, another user suggested Googling "John Daly golf pants gallery" to witness Daly's legendary fashion sense in action. Whether you're having a good day or a bad one, this gallery is sure to bring a smile to your face.

John Daly continues to be celebrated as a golf legend and a larger-than-life character. His laid-back approach and memorable quotes ensure that he remains a beloved figure in the world of sports. So, next time you need a good laugh or a dose of inspiration, remember the words of John Daly: "You can't pull fat. That's why I'm never injured."

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Or is it because he is Santa?


wasnt this a john kruk quote from the early 90s?


I don't know much about John Daly except that he reportedly drinks a lot. Several years ago, there was a wave of Arnold Palmer drinks that were making the rounds -- canned beverages and appearing on restaurant menus. At the same time, there were people who were making "John Dalys" -- half lemonade, and half sweet tea vodka. They go down smooth on a hot summer day, and they get you wrecked.


Such a legend


The fact that dudes still alive is impressive as hell.




If you are ever having a bad day, google John daily golf pants gallery. Hell, do it if you're having a good day too.


The Bloat


Pregnancy belly excuses.


Lots of fat i see

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