The Chaotic Good Acts at Pride: A Touching Tale of Free Bracelets and Generosity

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an endearing recount of their second Pride event, Tumblr user "uwuplasmiusuwu" shared a story that epitomizes the chaotic good spirit. The post, featuring a blue avatar icon and a dark gray background, tells a tale of handmade flag-themed daisy chain bracelets and necklaces that were handed out for free. Despite the clear message that these colorful creations were free, the generosity of strangers turned this simple act into something extraordinary.

The bracelets, made from acrylic yarn costing just ¢60 each, took no more than two hours to create. Yet, the simplicity of the gesture was met with overwhelming kindness. Three individuals, moved by the effort, insisted on giving money. One notable moment involved a "mom friend" who not only handed over $5 but also delivered a ten-minute pep talk, underscoring the value of the effort.

The pinnacle of this experience was an encounter with a person described as a "q**** surfer dude who looks like a boyfriend who looks like a girlfriend." This individual, exuding impeccable vibes, graciously accepted the last six-strand rainbow bracelet. In a whimsical twist, they pointed at something over the author's shoulder, prompting a look away and adding a dash of playful misdirection to the touching narrative.

Comments on the post reflect a shared sentiment of admiration and amusement. One user noted, "Chaotic good is the best :3," while another humorously commented, "I long to look like a boyfriend who looks like a girlfriend." The story resonated deeply, with many appreciating the blend of kindness and humor encapsulated in the experience.

Moreover, discussions emerged around the effectiveness of pay-what-you-want pricing schemes, drawing parallels to charitable acts. One commenter shared a personal anecdote of tipping a fast-food cashier generously, highlighting the joy and confusion such acts of kindness can bring.

In essence, this story from "uwuplasmiusuwu" serves as a beautiful reminder of the impact of small, heartfelt gestures. It showcases how chaotic good acts, driven by impeccable vibes and genuine generosity, can create memorable and uplifting experiences for all involved.

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chaotic good is the best :3 show up with impeccable vibes, listen respectfully, then do something nice and run away <3


Tiny octopus is more of a neutral good person. Yes, your laws and traditions are important and he respects those, but also, he's doing good here, so he's just gonna ignore the ones that get in the way of doing that good. So, here's a $5 bill in your hat. Toodles.


so this was a first time experience with pay what you want pricing scheme. it oftens generates more money than a fixed price would, even against your will. this is common specially when engaging in charitable cause:


I'm sorry, but they met Loki on vacation and no one can convince me otherwise.


I long to look like a boyfriend who looks like a girlfriend


That's like every dnd character I have but technically I'm lawful. Just my laws are different.


I have an artist friend who occasionally puts out a call for commissions when she doesn't have enough contract work to make ends meet. I commissioned her once, but now that I have her PayPal info, I will occasionally send her "birthday money" with a note saying "This is a gift, no goods or services were exchanged for this gift. This is not taxable income because it is a gift."


Reverse Robbed is my p*** name.


I too want to be friends with q**** surfer dude and his impeccable vibes.


I seldom buy fast food, but when I do (usually Sonic because they've got burgers at 6am), I tip the cashier between ten and twenty bucks. ...because it's funny, they're confused and grateful, and also they will appreciate the money more than any fancy restaurant waiter.

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