Celebrity Kombat and Ethan Suplee: The Ultimate Gaming Mashup

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The latest video making waves on Imgur has gamers and pop culture enthusiasts buzzing. Titled "Gaming," this video offers a thrilling blend of iconic gaming moments and celebrity appearances that have left viewers in awe.

"Last chance to look at me, Hector. This should make you feel better. It would be amazing if you found me and challenged me to see it," states the video, setting an intriguing tone right from the start.

The comments section is bursting with excitement and curiosity. One user exclaimed, "Yo, Celebrity Kombat looks way better than it should," capturing the general sentiment of impressed viewers. Another comment, "#3 Wait, is that Ethan Suplee?" suggests that the famous actor might have made an unexpected cameo, adding a layer of star-studded appeal.

A viewer expressed their gratitude with, "I thoroughly enjoyed all of these, thanks for posting @OP!!" Such positive feedback highlights the video's wide appeal and entertainment value.

Fans of anime and gaming crossovers chimed in with questions like, "What is #9 from? Not fallout, the anime." This indicates the video’s rich tapestry of references that keep audiences guessing and engaged.

The video even sparked some socio-political commentary, with a user stating, "#24 'sufferage' I think she should vote," and another adding, "You want to take back your rights from the Supreme Court? You know what to do now." These comments reflect the diverse reactions and thoughts provoked by the content.

Classic gaming franchises were celebrated too. One comment read, "#44 XYDU. Sabin ftw," revealing the video’s nod to beloved characters. Another user nostalgically reminisced, "This is funny, but I remember why I didn’t like Starfox 64. The talking! I don’t need to hear your complaining and other babble!"

A particularly enthusiastic viewer declared, "Why is no one mentioning #1? That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Two of the greatest franchises of all time, in one beautiful video." This highlights the video’s ability to bring together beloved elements from different gaming worlds into a single, awe-inspiring experience.

The video has even inspired practical gaming tips, with a user sharing, "#7 I looked up how to do console commands in Skyrim just so I could select this song whenever I wanted to hear it. Absolutely love this song so much!"

For those who want to dive deeper, a helpful comment provided a link to the full video: "Here is a link for the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhjk5x54bsE."

Overall, this "Gaming" video on Imgur has proven to be a treasure trove of memorable moments, nostalgic references, and lively discussions. It's a must-watch for anyone passionate about gaming and pop culture.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Yo celebrity Kombat looks way better than it should


#3 Wait, is that Ethan Suplee?


I thoroughly enjoyed all of these, thanks for posting @OP!!


What is #9 from? Not fallout, the anime.


#24 "sufferage"


I think she should vote


#44 XYDU. Sabin ftw


#7 fkin brillant


#28 Here is a link for the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhjk5x54bsE


#3 I can't wait to play the new game Mortal 2

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