A Mosquito Coil Holder Inspired by Pokémon: A 3D Pen Masterpiece by Sanago

Zoey Waverider

Updated Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Discover the fascinating world where creativity meets functionality with Sanago's latest creation: a mosquito coil holder inspired by Pokémon, meticulously crafted using a 3D pen. This innovative project, fueled by the inspiration from Kiril Pogocznungi, has garnered significant attention and praise on social media platforms.

As stated by Sanago, the idea behind this project stemmed from a collaborative donation initiative in Berlin, supported by a remarkable engineer organization dedicated to nurturing creativity among children. The result is a visually stunning and highly functional mosquito coil holder that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Comments from viewers highlight the impressive nature of this creation. One user exclaimed, "Okay- that’s Amazing! I’m wheezing!" while another noted, "This has a dangerous amount of functional beauty." The intricate design has left many curious about its practical aspects, with questions about the potential warping of plastic due to coil heat and the purpose of the USB-C port.

Despite initial assumptions that the holder would be based on Polywhirl, the final product has been met with enthusiasm. "Neat! Although it feels like 3D printing would have been a lot easier," one viewer remarked. Others appreciated the craftsmanship, with comments like, "this is the first time I've seen something actually made with the 3D pen, and I'm really impressed."

However, the project has also sparked concerns about safety and environmental impact. "I can smell the microplastics," one user commented, while another warned, "Don't use these coils in a small space." Health implications were also a topic of discussion: "Gorgeous! But how much cancer does all of this give you?"

Despite these concerns, the overwhelmingly positive response underscores the ingenuity and artistic merit of Sanago's work. "That is brilliant and I would pay good money for that," one enthusiastic commenter shared. The potential for the 3D pen as a tool for creating intricate and useful items has not gone unnoticed, with questions about its affordability and practicality.

Sanago's Pokémon-inspired mosquito coil holder stands as a testament to the power of creativity and innovation, blending art with utility in a way that captures the imagination and admiration of viewers around the globe.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Okay- that’s Amazing! I’m wheezing!


This has a dangerous amount of functional beauty


That's the coolest f***in thing. You guys think the plastic warps from the heat of the coil over time?


I really thought it was going to be Polywhirl based on the title. But this is neat too


Ok but what's the usb c for


Neat! although it feels like 3d printing would have been a lot easier


I can smell the microplastics.


Don't use these coils in a small space.


Gorgeous! But how much cancer does all of this give you?


this is the first time I've seen something actually made with the 3D pen, and I'm really impressed, I thought they were just for quick mockups or touchups. this is really cool.

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