Why the Cybertruck is Being Dubbed the Perfect Family Car

Riley Sundew

Updated Monday, July 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The Tesla Cybertruck has been making waves as the "perfect mom and family car." In a detailed video, a mother explains why this futuristic vehicle suits her family's needs. She highlights the huge back trunk with a tonneau cover that keeps kids' stuff and groceries dry. The doors open to 90 degrees, making it super convenient for loading kids. Even with two car seats in the back and her six-foot-three husband in the front, there is plenty of room. Impressively, the Cybertruck seats seven people.

Another mom-friendly feature is the ample storage space, including a tray perfect for a diaper bag or purse. A hidden drawer provides extra storage for important items. The mother emphasizes how driving the Cybertruck makes her feel like a "total badass," a sentiment she finds rare among parents.

However, not everyone shares her enthusiasm. Some users are critical, suggesting that owners are justifying the high cost by labeling mundane features as "amazing." One finds the claim of being a "total badass" less about the vehicle and more about financial decisions. Concerns about the tonneau cover malfunctioning and potential safety hazards, such as the lack of a center console, are also raised. Another user sarcastically notes that the hidden compartment is perfect for storing gloves.

Despite the mixed reactions, the video has sparked significant discussion. Some find the Cybertruck's design and features exciting, while others see it as an overpriced gimmick. Whether viewed as a game-changer or a controversial choice, the Cybertruck continues to captivate and polarize opinions.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Lol. Desperatly trying to justify buying overpriced stupid cybertruck so everything mundane suddenly becomes an "amazing" feature.


So by the time the "trunk" slides close the f***ing thing will be full of water when its raining


You look like you are driving a Dumpster.


I don't think you're a "total badass" for owning a Cybertruck. I just think you're easily separated from large sums of $$$$. Speaking of which, you wanna buy a bridge????


One comes with corrosion protective paint.


There used to be a Toyota Yaris commercial with the tagline "It's a car." The same applies here.


Wait until that tonneau cover doesn't close anymore. Curious on how much it'll be to replace that motor.


That hidden compartment looks perfect for storing gloves.


But with the CyberTrash, you don't have to worry about paying for your kid's college education either... because you blew the college fund on the "truck".


Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind because it just confuses me so much as to why anyone thinks that tin can looks remotely cool.

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