Crazy Lego Remakes of TV Show Scenes by Trevor Carlee: A Must-Watch!

Aiden Starling

Updated Monday, July 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The internet is buzzing about a fantastic and humorous series of videos that recreate iconic TV show scenes using Lego. These videos, created by the talented Trevor Carlee, have garnered significant attention and praise from fans and newcomers alike. Check out Trevor Carlee's work on Instagram at

One of the standout scenes involves a crazy exchange from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" featuring Detective Diaz and her superior officer. The dialogue is spot-on, with lines like, "Are you trying to Monty Hall me? It's unbelievable. I don't need Monty Hall ruining my place of work when Monty Hall has already ruined my home life." This scene alone has prompted many viewers to consider rewatching the beloved series.

Another fan favorite is the depiction of Schmidt from "New Girl," with one comment highlighting, "ohhh my god this is LITERALLY my favorite New Girl scene (of Schmidt)." The attention to detail in these Lego recreations is impressive, capturing the essence of each character and moment.

Fans of "Firefly" will appreciate the shiny Lego version, and the reimagined scene from "Fleabag" is described as "everything." Even those who aren't typically interested in Lego have found themselves compelled by the quality and humor of the scenes chosen.

A particularly amusing detail noted by viewers is the way the Lego Prince character spins his head around to have his sunglasses removed, adding an extra layer of comedy to the remake.

These Lego videos have something for everyone, whether it's****chcock and Scully from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," or a scene featuring Moriarty that leaves viewers saying, "I wouldn't want to talk to freaking Moriarty either!"

The creativity and effort put into these videos are evident, making them a delightful watch. One viewer commented, "This was delightful, +1," while another suggested, "Now do the Lego movie in real life!"

For those looking to enjoy a good laugh and see their favorite TV show moments in a new light, Trevor Carlee's Lego remakes are not to be missed.

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Trevor Carlee is the person who makes these


I’ve never seen a Lego movie in my life. But I love how much I love this. All of these. Especially the firefly. Shiny.


Damn, I really need to rewatch Brooklyn 99


#11 omg the Prince Lego man is so short hahahahahaha


Hitchcock and Scully in Lego. Haha awesome


#4 ohhh my god this is LITERALLY my favorite New Girl scene (of Schmidt).


#5 they should do one from season two!


That moment in fleabag was everything


I don't really have interest in the lego versions, but watched most because I liked the scenes used


Why are these scenes so much better in Lego?

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