Watch The McFarlands Take Your Breath Away in This Adorable Family Video

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a moving video titled "Now I'm Hungry," The McFarlands have once again captured the internet's heart. The video, which features the family in a moment of pure joy, has been described as the cutest thing seen all week. The McFarlands, known for their wholesome and fun content, have done it again with a delightful clip that showcases their loving dynamic.

The video's soundtrack enhances the experience with the lyrics, "Watch it in slow motion as you take my breath away. Ooh, want the ref? Take my breath away. My love, take my breath away," playing in the background. This choice of song adds an extra layer of sentimentality to the already touching scene.

One user humorously commented, "great, now I only hear her singing 'take my bread away'," highlighting the playful nature of the video. Another noted, "This family seems to have a lot of fun together. First time I've seen the mom/wife in a video, I think," pointing out the rare appearance of the family's matriarch.

The video also includes a cardboard cutout in the background, which one commenter said, "really completes the whole thing." It’s small details like these that make The McFarlands' videos so engaging and relatable.

Fans of The McFarlands can’t get enough of their content, with one viewer stating, "I love The McFarlands. So much fun," and another adding, "I needed this today. I love the MacFarlands' videos. So cute and wholesome." Their ability to spread joy and positive vibes is evident in the outpouring of love from their audience.

The expressions of joy and love are not just limited to the family members; viewers also relate to the small, everyday gestures depicted in the video. Comments like, "My husband's eyes light up when I do this," and "I've been forbidden to throw away food at work, so I just leave my leftovers on my husband's desk. He gets so excited to find half a burrito on his desk when he walks in," show how the video resonates with real-life experiences.

The McFarlands' video is more than just entertainment; it's a reminder of the simple joys in life and the importance of family. Whether it’s a shared meal or a heartfelt song, these moments are what take our breath away.

For those who haven't yet experienced the joy of The McFarlands, their YouTube channel, which can be found at, is a treasure trove of wholesome and moving content. Don't miss out on the fun and love that this amazing family brings to their viewers.

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great, now i only hear her singing "take my bread away"


This family seems to have a lot of fun together. First time I've seen the mom/wife in a video, I think.


Dude nailed the look of pure joy. LMAO.


the cardboard cutout in the background really completes the whole thing


Cutest thing I've seen today. Maybe all week.


I love The McFarlands. So much fun.


My husband trained me into doing this


This old b****** is my hero


I needed this today. I love the MacFarlands' videos. So cute and wholesome.


I never drink coffee ends... Me to my husband "here, drink this" He couldn't be happier to have a last sip of coffee.

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