Sarah "Smac" McCreanor and Her Parrot's Dance: A Viral Sensation

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The internet has been set ablaze by a delightful video featuring Sarah "Smac" McCreanor and her Indian Ringneck parakeet performing an uncanny dance routine. The video, aptly titled "Smoooth," has garnered a flood of positive reactions and curiosity from viewers across the globe.

In the video, Sarah "Smac" McCreanor effortlessly matches her parrot's rhythmic movements to the song playing in the background, "I guess you wonder where I've been I searched to find a love within I came back to let you know I've got a thing for you And I can't let it go." The synchronization between the two dancers has left many viewers in awe, with comments highlighting the seamless coordination. "The bird nailed it. Just like the human on the left," one user remarked, while another noted, "Man, the bird learned that lady's dance. Nature be crazy."

The choice of background music has been praised as well, with viewers advising others to "Unmute. Perfect choice for bg music. *chef’s kiss*." The video has not only brought joy but also sparked a conversation about the impressive mimicry abilities of Indian Ringneck parakeets. "Amazing how birds mimic people like that!" one commenter exclaimed.

Some users have speculated about the origins of the choreography, with questions like, "So did the person learn the bird’s dance, or the bird learned the person’s dance?" adding to the intrigue. Others have humorously commented on the unique form of courtship displayed in the video, suggesting, "I'm ok with this form of courtship. I feel like I could judge accurately the type of mate I would get from this sort of interaction."

Sarah "Smac" McCreanor, the creative force behind this viral hit, has been lauded for her cool demeanor and the seamless execution of the dance. "The woman who made this is cool," one viewer noted, while another humorously asked, "So this was Michael Jackson's Choreographer?"

The video has undoubtedly achieved what many believe the internet is for: spreading joy and showcasing the incredible talents of both humans and animals. One user summed it up perfectly, "THIS is what the internet is for."

For those interested in seeing the magic in action, the video can be found at The delightful interplay between Sarah "Smac" McCreanor and her parrot is a testament to the wonders of nature and the internet's ability to bring such moments to a global audience.

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THIS is what the internet is for.


the woman who made this is cool


Man, the bird learned that lady's dance. Nature be crazy.


Wow. The birb nailed it. Just like the hooman on the left


Unmute. Perfect choice for bg music. *chef’s kiss*



I'm here for humans mimicking bird dances


Hook her up with the chicken girls.


I mean, it'd have s*****d me.


I don't know what it is..but that bird has IT.

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