The Craziest Thing About Alaska: Stunning Views and Surprising Wildlife Encounters

Zoey Waverider

Updated Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The craziest thing about Alaska is that no matter where one looks, there's always an incredible view to behold. Imagine standing amidst towering mountains, with breathtaking scenery in every direction. It's truly a sight to see. From one angle, the mountains rise majestically, and from another, they appear even more awe-inspiring. But wait, there's more. Turning around reveals even more stunning landscapes. Wow!

In a recent video circulating online, one individual captures this very essence of Alaska's natural beauty. The video has generated quite the buzz among viewers, eliciting various reactions and comments. One user humorously remarked, "Meat is back on the menu boys," while another questioned the authenticity with, "Is this fake? A brown and a black bear in each other's territory ..."

A notable comment mentioned, "Nice of the bear to be so patient," highlighting the surprising calmness of the wildlife. Some viewers found the video quite entertaining, with one admitting, "Made me snort. Well done." The video even sparked a political reference as one user humorously noted, "I thought the craziest thing about Alaska was Sarah Palin."

For those familiar with northern British Columbia, one commenter confirmed, "I'm from northern BC and yes, it is like this some places." The realistic portrayal of bears in the video drew attention, with one stating, "Man, the bears are realistic in Alaska!" and another jokingly suggesting, "Those bears look like very nice and polite fellows; I would suggest inviting them over for cookies and tea."

The video also prompted memories of personal experiences. A viewer shared, "I live in Alaska, and was playing with my puppies on Monday when a black bear charged them out of nowhere. The youngest pup got a small scratch, but I started shouting at it before it could do any real damage and got them safely back in the car. Luckily, I didn’t have to use my bear mace, and we all got away safe and sound."

In terms of video production, some viewers critiqued the technical aspects, with comments like, "Good loop, bad photoshop (still funny)" and "edited for internet fame." One even noted, "Pity the shadow doesn't match the selfie grip."

Overall, this video is a testament to the wild beauty and unexpected encounters that Alaska offers. Whether it's the mesmerizing landscapes or the up-close wildlife experiences, Alaska never ceases to amaze.

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Is this fake? A brown and a black bear in each other's territory ...


Meat is back on the menu boys


Nice of the bear to be so patient


Made me snort. Well done.


I thought the craziest thing about Alaska was Sarah Palin.


I'm from northern BC and yes, it is like this some places.


Man, the bears are realistic in Alaska!


He chose the bear.


He ded


Good loop, bad photoshop (still funny) :D

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