The Babies I Was Born With: A Sweet and Humorous Social Media Exchange

Avery Emberly

Updated Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In today's digital age, social media platforms often become a space where people share sweet stories, funny anecdotes, and unique life experiences. One such instance is an intriguing series of posts reflecting on unexpected friendships and shared beginnings, aptly titled "The Babies I Was Born With."

The first post by user "aidashakur" on June 26, 2021, sets the stage with a simple username and date, leaving much to the imagination and curiosity of the readers.

The conversation takes an endearing turn with a Twitter post by "miss martian ( @f8the )." The animated character profile picture adds a touch of whimsy to the heartfelt message: "i hope the babies i was born wit at the hospital doing good." This sentiment resonates with many, sparking nostalgia and a sense of connection with those who shared the same birthplace.

Adding a humorous twist to the thread, user "beemovieerotica" shares a memorable college experience dated August 7, 2021. The profile picture, featuring a cartoon character of a green ogre, perfectly complements the quirky tale:


freshman year of college I (a simple lesbian) met a gay dude and we instantly clicked and started talking about our childhoods and stuff and discovered we were born in the same hospital on the same day so we became each other’s beards and watched h***** together every weekend


This unexpected revelation of becoming 'beards' and bonding over shared interests adds a layer of humor and depth to the conversation, showcasing the sometimes bizarre yet beautiful nature of friendships.

The thread concludes with a succinct and witty observation by "tdwhisperer" on August 9, 2021: "That sentence started and ended in very different places." With 127,715 notes indicating a high level of engagement, this comment encapsulates the eclectic mix of emotions and surprises that the preceding posts evoke.

The image of these connected social media posts, displayed in a dark-themed mobile interface, captures the essence of modern digital interactions. Each post, with its unique profile picture and text content, contributes to a narrative that's both relatable and amusing.

Whether it's reflecting on the well-being of hospital-born companions or sharing the serendipity of meeting a kindred spirit in college, "The Babies I Was Born With" thread offers a delightful glimpse into human connections and the stories that bind us.

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Now that's a proper love story!


Infinitly better love story than Twilight


Reminds me of a boy I went to school with called Taylor Wiśniewski, he wasn't like the other children, he was simply a brain suspended in a glass jar, to help him fit in, his Mother always placed the glass jar on a skate board and stuck a pair of glasses on the jar to make him more human looking. One day we took a field trip to NASA and whilst we were in the control room standing by all the big computer, one of them starting speaking 'Hello, I am Taylor!' We couldn't believe it, Taylor was...


I often think about this. Where my posse at??


I want to know what h***** they watched together. As a connoisseur of the finer offerings of the art form, I feel like they would have few overlapping interests. Even futa stuff is still heavily gender-coded. This is like a paleo diet and vegan person finding a restaurant they both enjoy eating at. I am invested in the logic behind how this works.


So what do people do when they watch p*** together


I think Miss Martian sums it up quite well.


The f*** does beards mean.


I've dated one that wasn't born on the same day, but was born in the same hospital on the day I was in getting surgery on my ear (I was 3 weeks old)

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