Sixpenceee's Viral Image: The Curious Case of Congealed Canned Soup

Aiden Starling

Updated Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral post on Imgur, user sixpenceee sparked a lively debate with an intriguing image showing the congealed contents of canned soup. The image, aptly titled "One Prozac a day," features six cylindrical objects that were once cans of soup, now transformed into solidified, gelatinous masses. The top row displays three cans filled with a dark brown, shiny substance, while the middle can in the bottom row stands out with a creamy beige color.

The image ignited a flurry of comments, ranging from humorous to insightful. One user questioned the cryptic phrase, “I took a fish head out to see a movie,” while another compared the situation to Jamie Oliver's infamous chicken nugget demonstration, emphasizing that processed food isn't inherently bad unless consumed in excess. This sentiment was echoed by a chef who noted that high-quality soups often solidify when chilled due to the collagen from bones, similar to how jello is made.

User sixpenceee's comment, "Still fancy that cup of soup now?" was met with a sharp retort from keetongu, who pointed out the natural solidification process and added a colorful insult for good measure. Stephenfryindrag chimed in, defending canned soups and highlighting the convenience and affordability they offer, especially at stores like Kroger.

The discussion extended beyond the image itself, touching on broader themes such as the perception of processed foods, the nostalgia of Campbell's soup, and the practicality of canned goods in everyday life. One user humorously noted their preference for potted meat and fried Spam sandwiches when on a tight budget, while another appreciated canned cranberry sauce over its fresh counterpart.

This image and its accompanying comments provide a fascinating glimpse into the diverse opinions surrounding processed foods and their place in modern society. Whether viewed as a culinary curiosity or a commentary on food culture, sixpenceee's post certainly succeeded in capturing the internet's attention.

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Top Comments from Imgur


What the hell does “i took a fish head out to see a movie” mean?


Uhh... I guess I see something... different.


It's like when Jamie Oliver made chicken nuggets and was sad that US children would eat it... Yeah they're the scrap that's left over from butchering a chicken, but it's still chicken. Just because it's processed and "Industrial" doesn't mean it's horrible unless you eat a f***-ton of it. Both sides of my family hit 90's before passing, one ate mostly fresh foods and the other ate a lot of fried ones.


She made me home made chicken noodle but my sick b*** really wanted Campbells yesterday..


This may be my appreciation for canned cranberry sauce - especially over the overly sour, poorly mixed "fresh" alternatives - talking, but showing food in the shape of a can does nothing to diminish my interest in eating it.


Ask a fish head anything you want to. They won't answer, they can't talk.


♫♪♪...husband's a CPA Her dreams went out the door when she turned twenty-four Only been with one man, what happened to her plan?♫♪♪


I mean the dumbest part of this, speaking as a chef who worked fine dining, that's exactly what very fancy high quality soup would look like if chilled. It has collagen from the bones. Thats literally how jello is made. Good high quality stew/broth/soup should solidify when chilled. Not saying that the canned stuff is amazing quality but the fact that it turns solid when cold is actually a sign it's good


The biggest issue with soup is the extremely high sodium content but like, if you dont have hyper tension you dont have to worry that much about that.


I like potted meat on occasion. And after removing the jelly, a fried Spam, egg and cheese sandwich is tasty. When your bills are paid and you only have $10 to last the week, food is food.

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