Playful Encounter with the United Marmot Association: Marvin's Prairie Patrol

Mason Riverwind

Updated Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent video titled "Mix of Animals Pt.6" has taken the internet by storm, featuring a humorous interaction with a marmot named Marvin, who claims to be from the United Marmot Association. In this video, Marvin approaches a man on the prairie, humorously questioning him about some supposed illegal contraband.

"Sir, what my name is Marvin. I'm from the United Marmot Association. Okay, just doing my rounds on the prairie and what in the what do you got there, sir?" Marvin begins, setting the stage for a delightful conversation that leaves viewers in stitches. As Marvin inspects the man's belongings, he humorously declares, "It looks like to be some illegal contraband. I'm gonna... oh yeah, I'm gonna have to kind of take a bite."

The video continues with Marvin playfully confiscating the 'contraband' while engaging in witty banter. "Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about man. You know, Marmot Association. You can pet me, that's cool man with my ear," Marvin quips. The interaction culminates with Marvin suggesting the man, who he names Dave, could become a member of the Marmot Association, all while humorously demanding crackers and meat.

This video, sourced from KLR Productions and Dusty Dubs on YouTube, has sparked a variety of reactions. One viewer humorously commented, "You made a HUGE Moose-take!" Another highlighted the broader implications of feeding wildlife: "Sure it's cute the first time, but try dealing with a pack of marmots digging through your stuff for treats. Now extrapolate to bears."

Amid the laughter, some comments bring attention to serious issues. One viewer reminded others of the dangers of eating raw marmot, which can lead to bubonic plague, while another mentioned that marmots can carry leprosy. Additionally, a light-hearted comment compared the marmot's demeanor to the energy of Heisenberg threatening Saul from the popular TV show.

This video not only entertains but also serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of interacting with wildlife. With Marvin's charming antics and the humorous yet informative viewer comments, "Mix of Animals Pt.6" is a must-watch for anyone looking to enjoy a good laugh while appreciating the quirks of wildlife.

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Top Comments from Imgur


You made a HUGE Moose-take!


#1 shows why feeding wildlife is a bad idea. Sure it's cute the first time, but try dealing with a pack of marmots digging through your stuff for treats. Now extrapolate to bears.


#6 Every time I see this I'm reminded that the bear had just killed one of her calfs, and she was beating his a** to protect the remaining one


#1 I had this happen to me, except with quokkas...


My arm is bread!


I adore this dump so much


Source is KLR Productions and Dusty Dubs on YouTube.




#1 Reminder NOT to eat raw Marmont. People keep eating it and getting the f***ing plague l.


#2 Heisenberg threatening Saul energy

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