Neil Gaiman Confirms Friendship in Whimsical Online Exchange

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Updated Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The internet recently witnessed a delightful interaction between a user and renowned author Neil Gaiman. The exchange took place on an online platform and has since captivated readers with its humor and warmth.

A user named "42sky42" posted a question regarding a common piece of advice given by English teachers: "My English teacher says we shouldn't refer to authors by their first names because they aren't our friends. Will you confirm our friendship and let me call you Neil on my American Gods book report?" The query was light-hearted and cheeky, clearly aiming to elicit a fun response from the celebrated author.

Neil Gaiman, known for his engaging social media presence, did not disappoint. He replied with a simple yet affirming "Absolutely." This confirmation not only brought a smile to many faces but also showcased Gaiman's approachable and friendly nature.

The image capturing this interaction features two sections. In the first section, the user "42sky42" is depicted with a profile picture of a person with short black hair, sunglasses, and a fiery background. The second section shows Neil Gaiman's response, accompanied by a black-and-white profile picture of a person with a neutral expression. Despite the simplicity of the visuals, the exchange's tone is unmistakably humorous and endearing.

This interaction sparked a wave of comments from fans and followers. One user humorously suggested, "They still shouldn't refer to him as just 'Neil.' It should be 'my good friend Neil' or 'my boy Neil' or something. Every time!" Another commented, "Mr Gaiman being awesome again," highlighting the author's reputation for being a personable and engaging public figure.

Others brought up related discussions, such as the appropriate ways to refer to authors in academic settings. One comment noted, "Wouldn't you refer to an author by either their full name or their last name to begin with since in modern sense there are authors with similar first names?"

Neil Gaiman's fans also appreciated his stance on various issues. As one comment put it, "Gaiman has the BEST social media game in the business. He answers every DM he gets. His fan base can be very exhausting. But he's an immensely cordial and whimsical guy. I adore his stances on free speech, censorship, and the right to do what you want as a creative."

This charming interaction serves as a reminder of the positive connections that can be forged online, even between fans and their favorite authors. Neil Gaiman's willingness to engage with his audience in such a friendly manner continues to endear him to readers around the world.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Except for everybody's pal, Dante.


They still shouldn't refer to him as just "Neil". It should be "my good friend Neil" or "my boy Neil" or something. Every time! Pad that word count while hammering home your friendship.


Classic Neil


Mr Gaiman being awesome again.


My bois Kurt, PG, Douglas and Mervyn will be furious when I tell em this


he's a gift to humankind, also its WAY easier to call him Neil on a presentation than to use his surname and be "according to gay man I can believe on things that people dont even know if its true or not" or "amongst the works of gay man, we can point out the h*** friendship between an angel and a devil"


I first read "we shouldn't refer to authorities by their first names because they aren't our friends"...


What about referring to someone by their middle name? Like: Dr. Seuss


Reminds me of


My reply would've been 'Until said authors are in the room to hear me, I'm going to just keep saying their first names because they won't know we're even talking about them in order TO be insulted or not.'

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