Daria & Jane Turn 41: A Nostalgic Look at Our Favorite Animated Characters

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The beloved animated characters from the cult-favorite TV show "Daria" have reached new milestones in age, with Daria and Jane turning 41, Trent now 46, and Quinn at 39. This charming illustration captures a reflective moment among the four characters, seated around a green outdoor table with ornate metal chairs.

The first character on the left, with medium-length wavy red hair, is sporting a beige jacket over a light-colored shirt, a black skirt, and long black boots. She has a small brown handbag placed on the table in front of her. Her eyes are closed, suggesting she might be deep in thought or engaged in conversation.

Next, the second character, who has shoulder-length wavy brown hair, is wearing large round glasses and a green coat with dark pants. She holds a coffee cup in both hands, staring thoughtfully ahead, perhaps reminiscing about past days.

Standing beside the table is the third character, a male with short spiky black hair. He is dressed in a long brown trench coat over a black shirt and dark pants, with one hand resting on the back of a chair. A coffee cup is also in front of him, indicating a casual and relaxed gathering.

The fourth character, with a sleek black bob haircut, is seated with one leg crossed over the other. She wears a red blazer over a black shirt and black and green checkered pants, attentively looking at her mobile phone.

The text above the characters reads: "This year, Daria & Jane would be 41 years old. Trent would be 46 and Quinn would be 39. There. That is something you now know."

Fans of the show have expressed mixed emotions in the comments. One user nostalgically noted, "Awww... they're still pretty young. :(" while another humorously exclaimed, "la la LA LA la." Others reflected on their own ages in relation to the characters, like one user who said, "How is Daria even younger than me! New way to make me feel old."

The illustration has sparked a wave of nostalgia and love for the characters, with one comment stating, "Gen X’s finest," and another adding, "I never knew I was the same age as Daria." Some fans even expressed a desire for a modern version of the show, with one user commenting, "I would love to watch a modern Daria show where she'd properly aged."

Celebrities have also chimed in, with Aubrey Plaza being mentioned for her portrayal of Daria in a fan video. The link to the video was shared in the comments, adding to the discussions around the characters and their evolution over time.

This illustration serves as a reminder of the timeless appeal of "Daria" and its characters, who continue to resonate with fans of all ages, bridging the gap between generations with their wit, charm, and relatable experiences.

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diarrhea cha cha cha


Awww... they're still pretty young. :(


Gen X’s finest.


la la LA LA la


Gonna have to add 4 years to Daria's age there...


How is Daria even younger than me! New way to make me feel old (granted, it's not by much at all, but when watching that show, I thought she was older than me at the time)


You’re standing on my neck


Don't even think about how old Beavis and B******* are!


...and I think I would still like to f*** all four of them.



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