Corgi Learns Sign Language to Communicate with Deaf Owner: A Meaningful Tale of Eowyn

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Eowyn, a clever corgi, has become an internet sensation with her remarkable ability to understand sign language. When her deaf owner moved in, Eowyn quickly adapted to the new environment and began picking up the signs used at home. This adorable corgi's intelligence and adaptability have captured the hearts of many, as she not only learned the signs but also became adept at recognizing fun words like "dinner" and "ball."

The story, shared in a popular Imgur video titled "Task failed successfully," highlights the strong bond between Eowyn and her owners. The video showcases instances where Eowyn's ears perk up at the mere mention of her favorite words through signs, demonstrating her keen understanding and eagerness.

Viewers have shared their own experiences and reactions, adding to the charm of Eowyn's story. One user noted how their dogs don't like a friend who insists that dogs can't understand humans beyond a few commands, while another humorously observed that Eowyn's behavior is akin to trying to get a car to make a noise at the repair shop. The video has also spurred discussions about the intelligence of different dog breeds, with some users pointing out that corgis, as herding dogs, are quite smart but still don't match the intelligence of Border Collies.

Other users shared similar experiences with their pets, such as teaching dogs sign language for better communication, especially as they age and lose their hearing. One commenter mentioned teaching their dog standard sign language commands, which proved invaluable when their dog eventually went deaf.

Eowyn's story underscores the incredible ability of dogs to adapt and understand human communication, whether through verbal or non-verbal cues. The video has not only entertained viewers but also inspired many to consider teaching their pets sign language for improved interaction.

In a world where pets often become integral family members, stories like Eowyn's remind us of the deep connections we can share with our furry friends. As one commenter aptly put it, "Dogs are so good at reading sign language and body language. They understand it better than verbal communication."

Eowyn's journey of learning and adapting to sign language is a testament to the intelligence and loyalty of dogs, proving that with a little patience and creativity, our pets can learn to communicate with us in extraordinary ways.

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Top Comments from Imgur


She does this all the time, watch this... tries like 3 times. It's like getting the car to make the noise at the repair shop, never when you want it to.


My wife has a friend who *insists* dogs can’t understand humans beyond a few commands. All my dogs don’t like her and she doesn’t know why. I think it’s hilarious.




Dude looks like Paul Dano


Do not flip that dog off. He'll know.


Human babies can learn sign language way before they can speak. Apparently, even at six months. If you learn them standard sign language, they can use it the rest of their lives.


Extended vocabularies are useful. ...but now the dog I know best understands that "treat" and "snack" and "T R E A T" all mean it's maybe going to get a little extra something to munch on, and so I have to say things like "do you think the beloved canine could perhaps have a small comestible?" and "Perhaps the furry quadruped should visit the open air beyond yonder fenester?"


As herding dogs, Corgis are on the smarter end of the spectrum, but they (like most dogs) don't hold a candle to Border Collies


My 15 year old dog is deaf, and can no longer move his back legs. When I use to pick him up to move him he'd get startled. Now I sort make a beckon motion with my hand in front of his face, and he quite quickly learned that that sign means "I'm going to pick you up", he no longer gets startled.


Our Chihuahua learned all of our baby signs, no problem.

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