Stunning Fallout Cosplay by AlsoAshley Takes the Internet by Storm

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Friday, June 28, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The world of cosplay has once again been mesmerized by the talented AlsoAshley, who recently shared an incredible Fallout-inspired look on social media. The image, which showcases her sitting confidently on a modern, rounded red chair, has quickly garnered attention and admiration from fans and fellow cosplayers alike.

Dressed in a detailed costume that perfectly captures the essence of a character from a sci-fi or fantasy setting, AlsoAshley looks every bit the part. The costume, primarily blue with gold accents and brown leather details, appears to be made of a mix of synthetic materials such as spandex and leather. Her brown hair is tied back in a casual yet stylish manner, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal.

The background of the image enhances the futuristic or post-apocalyptic theme, with industrial textures and light fixtures adding depth and context. Large, round objects, likely industrial equipment or machinery, flank the person on either side, while the dark floor completes the setting.

Fans have been quick to express their admiration. One comment reads, "Ella Purnell and AlsoAshley, both hella cute. 😍", while another enthusiastically exclaims, "Stunning as always! I giggled a bit when I read 'I love Lucy,' and thought that it would be fun to see you cosplay classic Lucille Ball."

Others have praised the craftsmanship of the costume, with one commenter noting, "If I hadn't recognized your face I would definitely have thought this was a production shot from the series. Impressive!" Another fan added, "Your shoulder armor is even way better than the show!"

The image's popularity is further fueled by the relaxed yet confident posture of AlsoAshley, who has one arm resting on the chair's armrest and the other hand supporting her head. Her intense and engaging look captures the viewer's attention, making the cosplay even more compelling.

Excitement for this outstanding portrayal is palpable, with fans eagerly anticipating more from the talented cosplayer. Comments like, "I remember asking you 'Vault girl when?' and you said 'Soon' and you delivered! You look amazing!" highlight the anticipation and satisfaction of her followers.

Overall, this stunning Fallout cosplay by AlsoAshley has not only showcased her incredible talent but has also set a new standard in the world of cosplay. The attention to detail, combined with her confident presence, makes this a memorable and inspiring portrayal that will be remembered for years to come.

For those interested in seeing more of AlsoAshley’s impressive work, follow her on social media at @AlsoAshleyB.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Ella Purnell and AlsoAshley, both hella cute. 😍


Oh no! Don't pull your gun from that holster ;D....




Stunning as always! I giggled a bit when I read "I love Lucy", and thought that it would be fun to see you cosplay classic Lucille Ball.


That’s all right, Goosie


Cosplay is stunning as always! (Btw, love that chair!)


If I hadn't recognized your face I would definitely had thought this was a production shot from the series. Impressive!


Great cosplay, but That. Chair.


HOLY DOKIE! Wow....that is an amazing well done cosplay. That had to be a lot of fun. Please tell me you walked around in public in it - I'm sure you would have gotten a lot of smiles and thumbs up for it.


F***. My two favorite things, ashley and fallout

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