King of the Hill's Bobby Hill Hilariously Reacts to Phoenix Heatwave

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Friday, June 28, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a comic strip from the beloved animated TV show "King of the Hill," Bobby Hill provides a humorous take on the sweltering heat in Phoenix, Arizona. The three-panel strip captures Bobby's exaggerated but relatable reactions to the extreme temperatures, resonating with many who have experienced the intense Arizona heat.

The first panel sets the scene with Bobby Hill sitting in the front seat of a vehicle, gazing out at the suburban neighborhood adorned with palm trees under a clear blue sky. The dialogue reads, "111 degrees? Phoenix can't really be that hot, can it?" This initial disbelief sets the stage for the comic's humorous progression.

In the middle panel, Bobby steps out of a red vehicle, gesturing animatedly towards Peggy Hill. Peggy, with her signature brown bouffant hair and green sleeveless top, looks on with concern. Bobby's exclamation, "Oh my God! It's like standing on the sun!" perfectly captures the exaggerated sentiment many feel when faced with Phoenix's infamous heat.

The final panel continues with Bobby and Peggy outside the vehicle, the former raising his hand emphatically as he declares, "This city should not exist. It is a monument to man's arrogance." This punchline humorously critiques the human tendency to inhabit extreme climates, despite the apparent challenges.

The comic strip has sparked various reactions from viewers. One user quips, "BuT iTs A DrY hEat," while another comments on the daunting future, "Wouldn't surprise me if the city will have been abandoned by 2080." The strip also ignites a discussion about the relentless heat, with one user from West Australia noting, "44'C. Yeah, that's legitimately hot."

Others reflect on the broader implications, such as the impact of air conditioning on fossil fuel use and climate change. One insightful comment observes, "Plot twist: The A/C usage raises energy usage and burning of fossil fuels. So A/C makes it hotter, so we need more A/C."

For many, Bobby Hill's comic strip is a humorous yet poignant reminder of the challenges faced by those living in extreme climates like Phoenix, Arizona. It underscores the ongoing dialogue about climate change, urban planning, and human resilience.

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Top Comments from Imgur


BuT iTs A DrY hEat


Wouldn't surprise me if the city will have been abandoned by 2080


Remind me again where the hot air goes after it's slurped out of the cars & houses?


It was marginally less arrogant when they first built it.


It's only going to get worse, every year


I'll never understand why anyone would want to live in Arizona.


44'C. Yeah, that's legitimately hot. --West Aussie.


Or has not got over 20C for other than a couple days this Scottish summer


Humans love to go to places where the climate is unsuitable for humans and go "actually we're gonna live here". Have been ever since we invented fur clothes and fire.


Vegas, meanwhile, is a monument to the other six sins.

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