Armour Tailoring and Melee Weapons: A Medieval Enthusiast's Journey

Harper Quill

Updated Friday, June 28, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a fascinating video titled "Armour, Sword, and Other Stuff," a medieval enthusiast addresses the intricacies of armor fitting and its impact on mobility. He begins by acknowledging feedback about his half plate armor sitting a bit low, extending below the natural waistline. Despite the affordable price, the armor's fit isn't perfect—causing some neck discomfort and mobility issues.

With the recent restock in his shop, he invests in a medium-sized armor that fits perfectly at the waistline, providing unrestricted mobility. The excitement is palpable as he showcases how the new armor allows him to move freely. The old piece is humorously passed on to a friend, emphasizing the camaraderie among enthusiasts.

The video has sparked a lively discussion among viewers. One comment humorously notes the transition from "armor tailoring to junior accountant with melee weapons" as da**ling. Another thanks the videos for making them a "danger to themselves," highlighting the practical yet potentially hazardous nature of the content.

Discussions also delve into the realistic portrayal of medieval weapons. For instance, the size of war hammers in media often seems exaggerated. Comments reflect a mix of admiration and amusement, such as one likening the presenter to a "medieval Q" outfitting a "medieval James Bond."

One viewer poses an intriguing question about the utility of melee weapons in a zombie apocalypse, inspired by 'World War Z.' The consensus is that long-reach weapons and tree-climbing skills could be remarkably effective against the uncoordinated undead.

A notable comment suggests an alternative use for swords, explaining how to wield a sword as an improvised mace by gripping the blade and using the pommel to strike—effective against plate armor.

Amid the technical discussions, viewers also share light-hearted remarks. For example, one user humorously links the song "YMCA" to medieval knight mobility exercises, and another praises the presenter's mustache, calling it their only criticism.

The video ends on a high note with a quote from Inigo Montoya: “Unless the enemy has studied his Agrippa... which I have!” encapsulating the blend of historical knowledge and modern-day enthusiasm that characterizes this engaging community.

Explore more on medieval armor fitting, weapon utility, and join the vibrant discussion on medieval weaponry's relevance today.

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Top Comments from Imgur


The transition from armor tailoring to junior accountant with melee weapons was da**ling.


Thanks to all these helpful videos, I am now a danger to myself


I always thought that the size that war hammers were depicted as in most media was ridiculous.


This is the antidote to Shad that we always needed.


#4 Um, does he have more videos about t*****ing? Asking for me


I think people grossly underestimate the utility of reach melee weapons in the zombie apocalypse. Zombies are notoriously uncoordinated and are very unlikely to be able to climb trees, ladders, and so on. Now, thanks to 'World War Z', we have the fear of zombies potentially climbing over themselves, but short of that scenario, a spear, a tree, and some know-how on tree climbing would be deliciously effective.


Hey a guy talking about intricacy of ye olde weapons and armor! Hope he doesn't turn out a racist s***head like the last guy.


#4 i was thinking of a different type of t*****.


He should keep the moustache. That's my only criticism here.


I'm puzzled at the "swords don't have a non-lethal mode" comment. Has this person never read a fantasy story where a person is comedically slapped with the flat of a blade, or the sword in its scabbard, to wake them up or bring them to their senses? Guns are the weapon that are basically no non-lethal mode, not swords with edges and flat sides.

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