How to Meet a Lovely Bird: The Viral Video from Kyrgyzstan

Riley Sundew

Updated Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the picturesque setting of Kyrgyzstan, a captivating video has taken the internet by storm, showcasing a woman feeding a bird in an up-close and personal encounter. The video, aptly titled "How to Meet a Lovely Bird," has sparked a lively discussion online, drawing attention to both the allure and the risks of interacting with wild animals.

One viewer humorously remarked, "So now we know the most fun way to lose a finger. Would do again." This tongue-in-cheek comment highlights the thrill and danger intertwined in such wildlife interactions. Another viewer painted a less glamorous picture, suggesting that in different circumstances, "you would get 15 seagulls all pecking at you and making a mess."

Amidst the playful banter, some users expressed genuine curiosity about the bird's species. "She does seem lovely, now what kind of raptor was she feeding?" one user asked, noting the video's blurriness. Another user identified the bird as a falcon, known for its keen eyesight and swift movements: "Looks like a falcon. They will spot that meat from a long distance."

The video also drew comparisons to fairy tales and pop culture. "Another Disney Princess revealed," one user quipped, while another noted, "She actually looks like one of the cast from 'Birds of a Feather'."

Despite the enchantment, some viewers voiced their concerns about feeding wild animals. "NeVeR fEeD WiLd AnIiMaLs!" one user warned emphatically. Echoing this sentiment, another advised, "Yes, don't do this to wild animals." The consensus among experts and many users is clear: while the experience may seem magical, it's important to prioritize safety and respect for wildlife.

Adding a touch of humor, one comment read, "Fly thru dining, McDonald's might be inspired," imagining a fast-food service tailored to birds. Another user joked about the potential hazards, "This video goes to the folder 'the day I lost one finger feeding a birb'."

The video's origin in Kyrgyzstan adds a layer of exotic charm to the narrative, with the repeated mention of the country's name echoing through the discussion. Whether viewed as a whimsical encounter or a cautionary tale, "How to Meet a Lovely Bird" has certainly captured the imagination of viewers worldwide.

For those captivated by the allure of wildlife, this video serves as both an inspiration and a reminder to engage with nature responsibly.

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So now we know the most fun way to lose a finger. Would do again.


Except here you would get 15 seagulls all pecking at you and s***ting all over the place..


NeVeR fEeD WiLd AnIiMaLs!




She does seem lovely, now what kind of raptor was she feeding (frames were pretty blurry)?


Yes, don't do this to wild animals


I usually just say hi


Another Disney Princess revealed.


She looks Scottish. I bet she’s Scottish.


I'm no expert but this seems like a remarkably bad idea

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