Good Guy Unraveling a Dolphin: A Encouraging Rescue

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a touching and encouraging video on Imgur titled "Good Guy Unraveling a Dolphin," a man is seen heroically untangling a distressed dolphin trapped in some floating debris. The video has gone viral, capturing the attention and admiration of viewers worldwide.

The scene begins with the dolphin visibly struggling, ensnared by a mysterious floating object. The man, showing incredible bravery, carefully approaches the dolphin and starts working to free it. Throughout the process, one can sense the tension and the potential danger, as dolphins have strong jaws and powerful tails capable of causing serious injury.

Comments on the video highlight various reactions from viewers. One user quipped, "He has served his porpoise," adding a light-hearted pun to the serious situation. Another hoped for a more interactive moment, saying, "I was hoping the dolphin would swim by to say thanks." The sentiment of restored faith in humanity was echoed by many, with one remarking, "Faith in humanity restored."

Some viewers expressed concern over the safety aspects, noting the potential risks involved. "Poor dolphin looked really stressed out by that. I'd be nervous to do this for fear of getting bitten or smacked," one comment read. Another user humorously pointed out the semantics, stating, "That's 'untangling.' 'Unraveling' would look... different. Badly different. Very badly."

The act of kindness was not lost on anyone, with one comment predicting, "In 5 years, that dolphin will save the man’s life. Just you wait." This speaks to the intelligence of dolphins and the bond that can form between humans and these remarkable creatures.

There was also a mix of humor and critique, with one user suggesting, "I know a drug running dolphin when I see one. There's prob 20 kilos of Bolivian Marching Powder in that satchel. Someone call the Coast Guard!" Another user added a touch of musical parody, "If you want to unwrap this dolphin (whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa) Hold this float as we cut away (as we cut away) Watch it unravel, he'll soon be naked Swimming through the sea He's free to run."

The video concludes with the dolphin making a final, thankful leap, which one viewer interpreted as a gesture of gratitude. "The last jump means Thanks I assume," they commented.

Overall, this video serves as a beautiful reminder of the impact humans can have on wildlife and the importance of acting compassionately. The man's brave actions have not only saved a dolphin's life but also inspired countless individuals with a renewed sense of hope and humanity.

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Top Comments from Imgur


I was hoping the dolphin would swim by to say thanks.


He has served his porpoise.


Faith in humanity restored


You forgot to say thank you.


Took me longer than I'd care to admit to realize the title does not say "unaliving a dolphin". Thanks, dyslexia.


good on them but seriously put down the phone and just f'n help. he finally did at the end with one hand but still would've been much easier if he had helped from the start unless im missing something. I've stopped and chased and caught countless dogs and helped animals out of the street and never once was like, wait get my good side.


Poor dolphin looked really stressed out by that. I'd be nervous to do this for fear of getting bitten or smacked - they have strong jaws and their tails can break bones.


that was stressful to watch. so glad it's safe


…..from his own fishing gear. Probably not, I Just had to say it


That's "untangling." "Unraveling would look... different. Badly different. Very badly.

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