Funny 'Not Today, Lads' Video Goes Viral: Watch the Funny Retreat of Sheep from a Fearless Dog

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a side-splitting video titled "Not Today, Lads" that has taken the internet by storm, viewers are treated to a funny clip of sheep making a quick retreat, seemingly in unison, from a determined dog. The scene unfolds with the dog, possibly named Charles, showcasing impressive herding skills, causing the sheep to change their minds about venturing further and run back home.

One viewer humorously noted, "They all said 'Nah' in unison and ran back home," capturing the collective sentiment of the sheep perfectly. The video has sparked a wave of entertaining comments, with one user reminiscing about a similar experience in a jail where inmates, upon seeing a huge guard nicknamed Captain Crunch, retreated back to their cells after realizing they could escape.

The video has also inspired a series of playful comments such as "Chaaaarge !! Retreaaaat !!" and "That'll do lamb, that'll do." The humorous nature of the clip prompted one viewer to suggest that "Someone should cut that to a perfekt loop," emphasizing the amusingly repetitive nature of the sheep's retreat.

Among the many reactions, viewers expressed admiration for the dog's herding prowess. Comments like "That's some raw power you can't buy" and "All Collies Are Beautiful!" highlight the impressive skills of the dog in action. One viewer speculated about the fear factor, wondering if "the 'nippy-nips' from the dog all that's needed to make them fear it, or does the owner toss the dog some leg of lamb once in a while in front of all the sheep to watch as the dog fiercely tears into it?"

The video has also drawn comparisons to everyday life scenarios, with one commenter likening the sheep's retreat to "When the principal c*** blocks senior cut day." Another user humorously added, "Me, telling other transwomen to do their shot before they forget."

Overall, the "Not Today, Lads" video has provided a delightful moment of comic relief for viewers, demonstrating both the natural instincts of the dog and the amusing reactions of the sheep. This viral sensation is a perfect example of the raw, unfiltered moments that can capture the hearts and laughter of internet users worldwide.

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They all said "Nah" in unison and ran back home.


Knew a guy who worked in a jail/prison locally. He was in a hall by himself that had 4-5 cell doors on it when he heard one of the cell doors snick open and turned to see about four guys coming out of it. They apologized, went back in and closed the door behind them. The guy is huge. Nickname on the floor was apparently Captain Crunch. (He had informed maintenance that the cell doors could be easily opened from inside with stiff playing cards months before. No change.)


Chaaaarge !! Retreaaaat !!


That'll do lamb, that'll do.


When the principal c*** blocks senior cut day.


Are the "nippy-nips" from the dog all that's needed to make them fear it, or does the owner toss the dog some leg of lamb once in a while in front of all the sheep to watch as the dog fiercely tears into it? I often wonder... 🐶🤔😏😉😄




"Hi. What's up, boys?"


Thats what I call a herd mentality


S***! It's the fuzz!

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