Bankruptcy Trustee Plans to Shut Down Alex Jones' Infowars: A Closer Look

Aiden Starling

Updated Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a significant turn of events, a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee has announced plans to shut down the media empire of right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. The move is aimed at settling the colossal $1.5 billion he owes to the families of the Sandy Hook school shooting victims.

The news broke early today, with the headline, “Bankruptcy trustee plans to shut down Alex Jones' Infowars,” dominating the airwaves. Alex Jones, known for his controversial and often inflammatory statements, was captured in a photograph addressing a throng of reporters. The image, credited to Getty Images, shows Jones in a navy blue blazer over a light blue shirt, speaking into multiple microphones with a serious expression.

Madeline Halpert of BBC News, New York, authored the article, which has been circulating for about three hours. The subcaption under the photo succinctly states, “The right-wing conspiracy theorist has said he expected Infowars to shut down.”

The decision to sell off Infowars comes as no surprise to many. It was used as a platform to disseminate misinformation and fraud, raising questions about why it wasn’t shut down immediately after Jones was found guilty. The bankruptcy trustee’s plan aims to liquidate assets to begin compensating the families affected by Jones’ damaging rhetoric.

The online community has reacted with a variety of emotions. One user commented, “Victory! Now do Trump!” while another added, “This sparks joy.” Others expressed concerns about the lengthy process, with comments like “Still took entirely too long.”

Some users speculated on the future of Infowars, pondering if it might be sold off and continue under new ownership. “Will it be sold off? If so, can't someone else just keep it running? Anyone have any info on how that works?” asked a curious commenter.

The announcement has also sparked skepticism and concern among right-wing media observers. One comment noted, “Given the raging favoritism the audiences of right-wing media have, am I the only one concerned about an even bigger person taking over the platform?”

Despite the mixed reactions, the consensus is clear: the shutdown of Alex Jones’ Infowars is a significant step towards justice for the families affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy. As the process unfolds, the public remains watchful, eager to see how this controversial chapter in media history will conclude.

The overarching sentiment is perhaps best encapsulated by a single comment: “Whatever bad things befall Alex Jones, it will never be as much as he deserves.” This marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle against misinformation and conspiracy theories.

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Victory! Now do Trump!


It was used as the platform to disseminate misinformation and fraud. Why wasn't it shut down the SECOND he was found guilty?


This sparks joy


Still took entirely too long.


I fought the info and the info won


warinfos dot com to release in 2025


Will it be sold off? If so, can't someone else just keep it running? Anyone have any info on how that works?


As a guy who tends to lean conservative a lot of the time... F*** that guy. And the qAnon followers.


Yeah uh this says sell off, not shut down. And given the raging favoritism the audiences of right wing media have, am I the only one concerned about an even bigger s***head taking over the platform?


Now they just have to come up with the remaining 1.499999 billion.

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