The Truth Behind "Both Sides Are Bad" Posts: A Visual Explanation

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a thought-provoking image making rounds on Imgur, a man in a light blue shirt and black tie stands next to an easel with a whiteboard, breaking down a critical political strategy. The image, titled "Monday's 100% Truth," comprises two frames stacked vertically, both featuring the same man presenting different but related messages.

In the first frame, the man is slightly turned toward the whiteboard, holding a marker, and pointing at the text which reads: "‘Both sides are bad’ posts are specifically designed to encourage Americans not to vote." His serious expression underscores the gravity of the statement, highlighting a tactic often employed to induce voter apathy.

The second frame shows the same man, this time with a more relaxed posture and a slight smile while looking directly at the camera. The whiteboard now reads: "Keeping people from voting is literally the only way Republicans can stay in office. If you don't see the connection, you have a problem." This statement builds on the first frame’s message, making it clear that voter suppression is a deliberate strategy.

This image has sparked a lively discussion among users, all of whom have strong opinions on the matter. One user commented, "You can criticize the Democrats and still plan to vote for them." Another added, "Both sides are bad is more of a reason to vote, not less." These comments reflect a broader sentiment that, despite disillusionment with both major political parties, voting remains a crucial civic duty.

Another user pointed out, "I don't think of it as I'm voting for Biden... I'm voting against Trump," encapsulating a prevalent mindset among voters who feel compelled to choose the lesser of two evils. "Voter apathy benefits the cankers," noted another, emphasizing the detrimental effects of not participating in the electoral process.

The image and accompanying comments collectively stress the importance of voting, even when the choices are less than ideal. They serve as a reminder that disengagement only serves to benefit those who thrive on low voter turnout. As one user succinctly put it, "Vote for democracy. Vote for women, Vote for immigrants & minorities. Vote for the rule of law. Vote for your children. Vote for integrity. Vote for honesty. And VOTE AGAINST fascism, and hatred, and bigotry."

In a political climate where both sides are often viewed with skepticism, this image encourages critical thinking and active participation in democracy. It’s a compelling visual argument that underscores the power and necessity of voting, especially when faced with attempts to undermine this fundamental right.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Exactly. It's the same thing for the "Teach Biden a lesson by not voting" posts. They don't care about the situation in Gaza, they are only saying it to try and cut away votes for Biden so Trump can win.


Both sides are bad is *more* of a reason to vote, not less. So long as Republicans are acting like they are, Democrats have free rein to also be bad, just not as bad as Rs. The only way to make them accountable is to render Rs irrelevant, and the only way to do that in our broken system is to vote for Ds. At least for the time being.


You can criticize the Democrats and still plan to vote for them.


I don't care who you vote. Go vote if you want to be democratic state


You don't like the Dems? Fine. Don't vote for the. Instead: Vote for democracy. Vote for women, Vote for immigrants & minorities. Vote for the rule of law. Vote for your children. Vote for integrity. Vote for honesty. And VOTE AGAINST fascism, and hatred, and bigotry. Supporting Biden & the Dems isn't the goal in itself. Voting for Biden & the Dems is the means to the goal.


Isn't there a third side with a parasitic brain slug running for office, too?


Both sides are bad, but one is absolutely dogs***. The Democrats are just bad because the bar is set so low at "don't be a f***ing n***" that they can do a lot and still not go below it. Republicans are seeing how far under it they can dig.


Voter apathy benefits the cankers.


As long as you at the same time accept that people who weaponize this to make people shut up about valid criticisms are likely people who just want you to shut up about the valid criticism - for example liberals who for some reason support israel's genocide. And i've said it 100 times here on imgur, some americans have real actual trouble understanding you don't have to worship someone while still voting for them. Biden does some s*** things AND you should vote for him. Go ham after the win.


Both sides are bad, but one side is by far worse than the other.

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