Cybertruck Sightings: The Rare Urban Phenomenon

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the bustling streets of an urban night scene, a rare sighting has captured the attention of social media users. A Tesla Cybertruck, with its futuristic and angular design, was spotted driving through the city. The tweet by @smilingnodding.bsky humorously highlights the uniqueness of this sighting, stating, "seeing a cybertruck in the wild is fun bc only 3000 have been sold so its like oh wow theres our towns Biggest D******. look at him go!"

The photograph accompanying the tweet showcases the Cybertruck's metallic silver color and minimalist design, standing out amidst the more conventional vehicles on the street. The scene is set against a backdrop of lit-up storefronts, including "Biordi Art Imports" and "Monsieur," adding to the lively urban atmosphere.

This rare appearance of the Cybertruck has sparked various reactions online. One user humorously commented on the rarity, "I finally saw the one move. There's one that's been parked in the same spot for months!" Another user expressed confusion over the choice of vehicle, "I've seen a couple of em and still just wonder why you'd get that over an F150 or a Tacoma or a Chevy."

The Cybertruck, known for its sharp edges and unique design, has been a topic of discussion since its limited release. With only 3,000 units sold, the chances of seeing one on the road are slim, making each sighting a noteworthy event. According to recent data, this rarity translates to a 1 in 71,000 chance of encountering a Cybertruck, a statistic that fascinates automotive enthusiasts and casual observers alike.

The image and tweet have sparked a conversation about the Cybertruck's place in the automotive world, with some expressing admiration for its bold design, while others remain skeptical about its practicality. Regardless of the differing opinions, one thing is clear: spotting a Cybertruck in the wild is an event that continues to captivate and amuse those who witness it.

As the world eagerly watches the evolution of electric vehicles, the Cybertruck remains a symbol of innovation and debate, driving conversations both online and on the streets.

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#1 there were 280,000,000 driveable cars in the USA in 2022 (most recent data i could find) assuming 3,000 cyber trucks is the correct sales numbers, and assuming todays "total car" count is roughly equivalent to 2022: there is a 1 in 71,000 chance of any given vehicle on the road being a Cybertruck this is roughly half the probability of dying in a flood (1 in 30,000 according to NOAA) which, coincidentally, is how we're all gonna go in a decade or two


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Bowling For Soup answered this in a tweet a few years ago, it’s *to earn* the soup.


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#4 Six months later: "Is everything a joke to you?!"


#1 I finally saw the one move. There's one that's been parked in the same spot for months! Never saw it drive until today. My first thought was "is your refrigerator running?"


#8 I hate the whitewashing of the internet. Like c'mon. Be honest about it. You could p*** easily stumble across or even just randomly be sent f***ing beheading videos completely unprompted. It was never an 'innocent' place and stop trying to pretend like it was just because you dislike aspects of the modern internet.


#12 Not impressive. Doncic fouled him three times and then travelled.


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