The Bizarre Tale of Talking Potatoes: "Mmm Chrips. Chips. Potatoes" Video Goes Viral

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Monday, June 24, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the vast world of online videos, few things capture the imagination quite like the surreal and humorous. A recent video titled "Mmm Chrips. Chips. Potatoes" has taken the internet by storm with its quirky and unexpected storyline. The video features an unusual dialogue between characters, including Peter, talking potatoes, and a chip shop server.

The dialogue kicks off with a sense of hesitation, "This is wrong, Peter. We shouldn't be here." To which Peter responds confidently, "Oh, don't knock it till you've tried it, love. After you." The scene progresses with a chip shop encounter where Peter orders a scoop of chips. However, the twist comes when the potatoes reveal their true nature: "Oh, the cannibals! Just wait till you've tried us, love. All sliced up and slathered in oil." The c***** hits when the realization dawns, "Don't do it! You're right, Peter. We're a taste sensation."

This strange yet fascinating video has received a plethora of reactions from viewers. One user summed up the experience as "What a ride," while another chimed in with, "Fry em, mash em, stick em in a stew. Baked. Croquettes. Scallops. Wedges. Irresistible +1." The video’s unique vibe led another commenter to note, "Getting some salad fingers vibes here," referencing the eerie animation style reminiscent of the early 2000s.

Others have highlighted the nostalgic feel of the animation, with one user remarking, "This has like… old school new grounds energy." The video is credited to the animator’s YouTube channel, which can be found at

Reactions vary from bewilderment to amusement. One viewer admitted, "i was way too high for this and it will almost certainly leave permanent marks on my psyche," while another exclaimed, "God dammit Peter, you sick b******!" The surreal nature of the video even led one viewer to ponder the existential, "The servers gained sentience?"

Among the myriad of reactions, a humorous comment stood out: "I'm DELICIOUS..." -Oolong the Pig, adding a layer of intertextual reference to the mix. The video has left a lasting impression on many, with one user candidly stating, "...well that's about 20 minutes i'm not getting back."

The video’s impact is undeniable, offering a blend of humor, nostalgia, and absurdity that captivates its audience. Whether you’re intrigued by talking potatoes or the whimsical animation style, "Mmm Chrips. Chips. Potatoes" is a must-watch for those looking to experience a truly unique online video.

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What a ride. Fry em, mash em, stick em in a stew. Baked. Croquettes. Scallops. Wedges. Irresistible +1


i was way too high for this and it will almost certainly leave permanent marks on my psyche


Getting some salad fingers vibes here.


This has like… old school new grounds energy.


Animator's Youtube channel:


+1 purely for the god that takes responsibility for his own f***ups.


What, and I cannot stress this enough, the f***?


That was a ride.


"I'm DELICIOUS..." -Oolong the Pig


The servers gained sentience?

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