Sky Brown's Fearless Skateboarding Feat: An Inspiring Moment Captured

Riley Sundew

Updated Monday, June 24, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Sky Brown, the young skateboarding prodigy who captured hearts worldwide, delivers another awe-inspiring performance in a recently shared video. At just 12 years old, Sky showcased her incredible skills and bravery, leaving viewers in awe. The video, titled "What a brave girl," features Sky in full gear, navigating a challenging skateboarding trick with confidence and grace.

In the video, supportive voices cheer her on with phrases like, "Going Yes got it I got it Scotty Got it Sky Get it Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah." This moment perfectly encapsulates the encouragement and excitement surrounding Sky's skateboarding journey.

One viewer, Tiny Hawk, identified Sky Brown and highlighted her achievement, noting, "That's Sky Brown when she was 12. She got an Olympic bronze in park that same year." This comment underscores Sky's remarkable accomplishments at such a young age.

Another commenter exclaimed, "That's badass! She has more guts than me," while others expressed their admiration and amazement at her fearless attitude. One person humorously remarked, "I was all, 'she's got this halfpipe!' Then I was, 'that ain't a halfpipe!' and she landed it. Good on her!"

The video not only inspired viewers but also motivated them to take up skateboarding. One comment read, "F***, now my daughter wants to do that. Time to buy a skateboard." This sentiment reflects the far-reaching influence of Sky's daring spirit.

Sky Brown's impact extends beyond skateboarding enthusiasts. One middle-aged viewer shared, "Sky is super rad and her vibe even inspires a middle-aged dude like me." This statement highlights how Sky's determination and positivity resonate with people of all ages.

Although some viewers expressed concern about the risks involved, the overall sentiment was overwhelmingly supportive. One comment read, "THIS GIRL!! She unknowingly just had a bunch of random internet strangers rooting so much for her! I verbally exclaimed 'S*** YA' once she dropped!"

Sky Brown's incredible talent and bravery continue to inspire and captivate audiences. Her latest video is a testament to her skill, determination, and the support she receives from fans around the world. As one commenter aptly put it, "girl you ROCK!!!"

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Tiny Hawk


That's Sky Brown when she was 12. She got an Olympic bronze in park that same year.


H******** that was awesome!!


That's badass! she has more guts than me


I was all, "she's got this halfpipe!" Then I was, "that ain't a f***ing halfpipe!" and she landed it. Good on her!


Why is the volume logo on the bottom now?


Sky is super rad and her vibe even inspires a middle age dude like me.


F***, now my daughter wants to do that. Time to buy a skateboard.


I did a flip off a diving board for the first time today. Same vibe


She's so good she even got the video mirrored. /s

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