Comical Video Exposes the Quirky Ways Different Military Forces Overcome Obstacles

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Friday, May 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral video titled "Get over that wall!" on social media platform Imgur, viewers are treated to a comical demonstration of how various military forces tackle the same obstacle in their own unique ways. The video, which has garnered thousands of views and sparked a flurry of comments, showcases the diverse approaches taken by different branches of the military. Let's dive into the amusing details and reactions of the viewers.

The video begins with a transcript that humorously captures the essence of the scene. One person exclaims, "You guys are working entirely too hard. I'll just turn particle phasing on." Another responds, "I'm not doing that. I'm not doing that, you."

As the video progresses, it becomes evident that each military force has its own creative solution to overcome the wall. The comments section is filled with humorous observations and comparisons between the approaches. One user suggests that spec ops should have simply cut through the chainlink, while another playfully criticizes the lack of explosives used. It seems that after 20 years of service, many viewers find the depiction in the video to be surprisingly accurate.

The Air Force's method, although effective, elicits some lighthearted banter due to its cost. One comment points out that the Air Force version works but costs a staggering $75K per hour. On the other hand, the Coast Guard takes a nonchalant stance, with one viewer humorously suggesting, "That's not my side over there. I'm good right where I am."

The video doesn't forget to poke fun at the Police Force as well. A comment highlights how they tend to accumulate at the fence, engaging in long conversations before eventually dispersing. Meanwhile, the Navy's appearance on land is deemed as being outside of their natural habitat, leading to some playful jesting.

The Air Force's approach garners attention for its attention to detail, with a comment suggesting there should have been a chocolate fountain or buffet table for their convenience. The mention of Air Force gloves adds to the humor, drawing a nod of approval from viewers.

While some commenters express relief that the video doesn't involve someone from an artillery battalion, there is a playful expectation that the Air Force's method might involve an airstrike. The breathtaking view captured in the video is also a topic of discussion among viewers.

In the midst of the light-hearted banter, one comment takes a more serious tone, questioning the authenticity of the video and suggesting that it may not be a true representation of the US military. However, this comment is quickly followed by a former Coastie confirming the accuracy of the video, adding another layer of authenticity to the humor.

The video concludes with a series of amusing comments, including one that humorously emphasizes the connection between the Air Force and chairs ("CH-AIR FORCE"). The mention of JTF 2, a special operations force, sparks curiosity among viewers, leaving them wondering about their approach.

Overall, this viral video showcases the entertaining ways in which different military forces tackle obstacles. With its humorous depiction and witty viewer comments, "Get over that wall!" provides a lighthearted look into the diversity and creativity within the military. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this comical portrayal of the various approaches taken by different branches of the armed forces.

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Top Comments from Imgur


spec ops should have cut through the chainlink


The lack of explosives used is my only criticism


after 20 years of service: thats more accurate than i care to admit


The Air Force version works but costs $75K per hour.


Coast Guard should've been: "That's not my side over there. I'm good right where I am."


You forgot the Police Force where they all accumulate at the fence and just stay there and talk for an hour and then all leave.


Navy on land = outside of their natural habitat


I was sure the Air Force method was going to involve and air strike


I feel like there should have been a chocolate fountain or buffet table for the Air Force one.


Air Force gloves. Nice.

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