Young Voters' Support for Trump Grows

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Monday, April 22, 2024 at 11:44 AM CDT

Young Voters' Support for Trump Grows

The shifting political landscape among America's youth is becoming increasingly evident as new polls and the recent Trump rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, highlight a trend of growing support for former President Donald Trump among young voters. Isayah Turner, a 23-year-old Trump supporter from outside Milwaukee, is a prime example of this demographic shift. Turner, who runs a dog breeding business with his mother, is a staunch advocate for Trump's pro-oil drilling stance, opposition to gun control, and strict immigration policies. His dedication led him to drive two hours to attend the Green Bay rally, despite the cold weather, joining approximately 3,000 people, many of whom were young adults.

Despite President Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 election with a significant lead among the youth, recent polls show a narrowing gap. A Reuters/Ipsos poll from March indicates a marginal preference for Biden over Trump among 18-29-year-olds, with only a 3 percentage point lead (29% to 26%). This is a stark contrast from the 24-point lead Biden held in the 2020 election. Contributing to Biden's declining support are concerns about his age and his handling of foreign policy, specifically his stance on Israel during its conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

The percentage of young Americans identifying as Republicans has been on the rise, climbing from 24% in 2016 to 28% in 2023. Economic concerns and inflation are the primary drivers behind their support for Trump, as revealed by Reuters interviews with 20 young rally attendees. However, youth voter turnout remains unpredictable, given their lower voting frequency compared to older demographics.

While an Economist/YouGov poll shows a more favorable view of Biden with 51% of voters under 30 supporting him compared to 32% for Trump, and the Harvard Youth Poll indicates a 19-point lead for Biden among likely young voters, other polls suggest a different story. The Marist College poll conducted in March even shows Trump 2 points ahead among Millennial and Gen-Z voters. The Trump campaign is capitalizing on these findings, eyeing young people as a demographic with potential gains for the 2024 election.

Despite Trump's overall gain, his lead among young men has decreased by 20 points from four years prior, and he faces a 33-point deficit with young women. Young Black voters in Georgia, who previously supported Biden, are reconsidering their options for the 2024 election. Eloise Navarro, a young voter who reluctantly voted for Biden in 2020, expresses her dissatisfaction with his presidency and has decided against supporting him again, reflecting a sentiment echoed by others who have protested Biden's national policies and foreign interventions.

At the National Action Network Convention, Biden addressed the audience remotely, attempting to quell some of the criticism. However, some young voters still see him as the "lesser of two evils." This sentiment is shared by a self-identified "very progressive leftist" and "radical feminist" who feels "politically homeless" and disheartened by the choice between Biden and Trump, questioning her participation in the primaries.

Progressives have criticized Biden for various reasons, including his support of Israel, leading to protest votes in the primaries, though he remains the frontrunner. Kelvin, a young voter who backed Trump in 2020, is considering doing so again in 2024. College students in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have protested Biden's campaign events, with some dubbing him "Genocide Joe" due to foreign policy grievances. CNN's Jeff Zeleny interviewed students who expressed their inability to vote for Biden without a significant shift in U.S. foreign policy.

The Biden campaign has faced these criticisms head-on, claiming that the President is actively working towards ending violence in the Middle East to achieve a just and lasting peace. Despite this, young voters like Karim Safieddine, a PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh, remain skeptical of Biden's potential for reelection. Similarly, Anna Soryal, a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, regrets her 2020 vote for Biden and feels embarrassed by her past decision.

As the political climate continues to evolve, the youth vote will play a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of the 2024 presidential election. With both campaigns recognizing the importance of this demographic, efforts to sway young voters will undoubtedly intensify as election day draws near.

Conservative Bias:

Look at this, folks, the tide is finally turning! The young skulls full of mush are waking up to the disaster that is the Biden presidency. They're seeing through the leftist indoctrination and realizing that Trump's America First policies are exactly what this country needs. These kids are smart; they're looking at their wallets, they're looking at the chaos around the world, and they're saying, "No more!" They're tired of Biden's weak leadership, his disastrous foreign policy blunders, and his socialist agenda that's crippling our economy. It's about time they join the ranks of real Americans who stand for freedom, security, and prosperity. Trump's rallies are packed with energized young patriots ready to take their country back from the clutches of the radical left. And those who still think Biden's the answer? They're just the brainwashed few, clinging to a sinking ship, unable to see the iceberg of reality that's about to sink their progressive fantasies once and for all. The liberal media won't tell you this, but the youth wave is turning red, and it's going to sweep the 2024 elections!

Liberal Bias:

Here we have the latest example of the right-wing machine preying on our nation's youth, exploiting their fears and economic uncertainties to push a regressive and dangerous agenda. These young people, misled by the siren song of Trump's demagoguery, are being coaxed into supporting policies that will ultimately harm them and the fabric of our society. It's a travesty to see them swayed by the same man whose presidency was marked by chaos, division, and an utter disregard for the rule of law. Biden, despite the relentless smear campaign from the conservatives, has been fighting an uphill battle to repair the damage done by Trump, all while facing unprecedented challenges. Yet, the right-wing echo chamber, with its propaganda and lies, is convincing these impressionable minds to turn their backs on progress and embrace a past that was rife with inequality and injustice. It's a call to arms for all progressives to reach out to these young voters, to educate them on the real issues, and to expose the destructive path the GOP is leading them down before it's too late. The fight for the soul of our nation continues, and it's a fight we must win for the sake of our future.

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