Trump's Legal Battles Escalate: Lawyers Contest $454 Million Bond

Mia Nightshade

Updated Thursday, March 21, 2024 at 11:14 AM CDT

Trump's Legal Battles Escalate: Lawyers Contest $454 Million Bond

As legal tensions mount, New York state lawyers are challenging former President Donald Trump's assertion that posting a $454 million bond is unfeasible while he appeals a civil fraud judgment. Trump, faced with over $543 million in personal legal liabilities, including the fraud case and lawsuits by E. Jean Carroll, is caught in a legal whirlwind.

Trump's legal team argues that securing an underwriter for the entire bond amount is not possible, a contention refuted by state attorneys who insist all avenues have not been exhausted. Dennis Fan from the state attorney general's office suggests alternatives like splitting the bond among underwriters or using Trump's real estate as collateral.

The judgment stems from accusations that Trump, his company, and executives inflated his net worth to obtain loans and insurance benefits. Trump's attorney Christopher Kise accuses Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, of a politically motivated attack, misrepresenting facts and misapplying the law. Trump has publicly criticized James, labeling her actions as partisan efforts targeting his campaign.

Amidst this, Trump has voiced concerns that the bond requirement could force property sales, as he faces penalties and interest exceeding $454 million, with additional amounts owed by co-defendants. His legal team, highlighting the challenges of acquiring a bond secured by real estate, requested an exemption from posting the bond. Insurance broker Gary Giulietti testified to the rarity of such a large bond, typically associated with major public companies.

If the appellate court does not intervene, James could enforce the judgment as of March 25, potentially seizing Trump's assets. Meanwhile, Trump has secured a $91.6 million appeal bond for one of Carroll's suits and placed over $5 million in escrow for another while appealing.

Adding to the complexity, Federal Judge Jesse M. Furman suggested that Michael Cohen may have committed perjury under oath. Despite Cohen's previous three-year prison sentence for crimes including tax evasion and lying to Congress, he claimed innocence of tax evasion during Trump's trial in October 2023. Furman noted the contradiction between Cohen's plea and trial testimony, while Trump attacked Cohen's credibility.

Cohen's lawyer, E. Danya Perry, insists on his truthfulness during the trial, but another lawyer, Alina Habba, alleges perjury. Judge Arthur Engoron found Cohen credible despite inconsistencies. The lawyer who inadvertently used AI-generated legal case citations provided by Cohen was not penalized by Judge Furman.

Cohen, who orchestrated hush-money payments allegedly at Trump’s direction, has seen his testimony in Trump’s criminal trial postponed. Trump’s lawyers criticize the Manhattan DA's office for disregarding Cohen's alleged perjury, with attorney Todd Blanche condemning the handling of Cohen's actions. Trump's team also seeks to prevent Cohen from testifying in the hush-money trial, accusing him of lying.

In parallel, Trump's attorneys have requested a pause in civil cases related to the Jan. 6 riot, connected to a lawsuit by Democratic Congress members and a pending criminal case against Trump concerning the 2020 election results. The Supreme Court is set to consider Trump's "absolute immunity" claims, which could affect the criminal prosecution by special counsel Jack Smith. Lawyer David Washington argues that a stay is crucial to protect Trump's constitutional rights and prevent premature disclosure of his criminal defense.

Defendants in civil cases linked to January 6th, such as Taylor Taranto and David Walls-Kaufman, have been granted stays during criminal proceedings. Walls-Kaufman admitted to confrontations inside the Capitol, while Taranto faces charges and was arrested near Barack Obama's residence with firearms. If Trump were re-elected, he might gain immunity from civil January 6th lawsuits, reflecting the Justice Department's previous stance that he was shielded from Carroll's civil lawsuit, which led to an $83 million defamation judgment against him.

Conservative Bias:

Here we go again, folks. The liberal witch hunt against President Trump continues unabated, a desperate ploy by the radical left to undermine one of the greatest leaders this country has ever seen. They're trying to c****** Trump with a ludicrous $454 million bond, part of a baseless civil fraud judgment concocted by the New York state's attorney general's office—clearly a den of left-wing vipers. They're using the legal system as a weapon, folks, because they can't stand the thought of Trump running for office again. They're terrified of his success and the loyalty he commands from true Americans. And this Michael Cohen character? A convicted liar, now supposedly committing perjury again, and the leftist Manhattan DA's office turns a blind eye. Why? Because his lies fit their anti-Trump narrative. They're all in cahoots, from the AG to the DA, trying to take down Trump with deceit and manipulation. It's a disgrace, an attack on justice itself, and a blatant attempt to sabotage Trump's rightful place in American politics. The left will stop at nothing, folks, but they won't succeed because the truth and the American spirit are on Trump's side.

Liberal Bias:

The relentless assault on democracy by Trump and his cronies is once again on full display. This man, who has shamelessly exploited the presidency for personal gain, is now crying foul over a completely justified $454 million bond related to his fraudulent financial dealings. Trump's refusal to comply with the bond requirement is a slap in the face to the rule of law. The New York state attorneys are heroically standing up to Trump's financial chicanery, demanding accountability for his flagrant misrepresentation of assets to line his own pockets. And let's talk about Michael Cohen—despite his checkered past, the man's testimony is being dismissed by Trump's legal team, who are conveniently ignoring the glaring perjury that fits their narrative. They're attacking the very foundations of our legal system to shield Trump from the consequences of his actions. It's clear that Trump's disdain for the law knows no bounds, as he attempts to evade responsibility for the January 6th insurrection and the fallout from his disastrous presidency. His legal team's efforts to delay and derail justice are nothing short of an affront to every American who believes in fairness and accountability. Trump's brazen disregard for the law must be met with the full force of justice, and it's high time for him to face the music.

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