Trump Warned by Judge for Potential Jury Intimidation

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at 11:26 AM CDT

Trump Warned by Judge for Potential Jury Intimidation

Former President Donald Trump's legal battles continue to intensify, as he faces a unique warning from the courtroom and challenges his campaign strategy. In a recent development, Judge Juan Merchan cautioned Trump about potential juror intimidation during his first criminal trial. Trump, observed "muttering" while a potential juror was questioned, prompted Judge Merchan to instruct Trump's attorney, Todd Blanche, to address courtroom behavior with the former president.

Tensions rose during jury selection when Trump's legal team moved to dismiss jurors harboring negative perceptions of him. Despite these efforts, Judge Merchan excused several jurors, including one outspoken about Trump's imprisonment. The initial group of 96 potential jurors dwindled by over half on the first day, and by the end of the day, six jurors were selected and sworn in, followed by a seventh before adjournment.

Adding to the courtroom drama, prosecutors have sought to hold Trump in contempt for allegedly violating a gag order by denigrating Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels on social media. They've recommended a $1,000 fine per violation, after Trump's derogatory remarks labeling them as "s*****bags" surfaced. A hearing for the contempt request has been scheduled, and Trump's attorneys have until the following Friday to respond.

Simultaneously, the U.S. Supreme Court's skepticism regarding the broad application of an obstruction statute in a case that could impact Trump's federal election interference trial has emerged. A potential ruling limiting the statute's use may affect Capitol riot defendants and Trump's own criminal case.

Amidst these legal entanglements, Trump made his first campaign stop since the commencement of his criminal trial at Sanaa Convenient Store in Manhattan, where a fatal stabbing had occurred. Despite being the first former U.S. president to face a criminal trial, Trump is forging ahead with his campaign, scheduling appearances around the trial's demands. His aides are coordinating rallies and political engagements on weekends and Wednesdays, with Trump vowing to campaign for votes even in New York, where he's historically lost but sees potential for victory.

Trump's campaign has been vocal about crime rates in Democratic-led cities, despite a national decline in violent crime. He's targeted Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for criticism, while Bragg's office cites a reduction in local homicides and shootings. Trump's New York campaign strategy includes making a "heavy play" for the state, with potential rallies in diverse locations like the South Bronx, Queens, and Madison Square Garden, though budget constraints present challenges.

During Trump's bodega visit, spectators gathered behind barricades, and Trump interacted with individuals before entering the store. He claimed that the influx of migrants to New York City boosts his electoral chances and, without evidence, alleged that many are from jails and institutions. Local residents like Lesandra Carrion have expressed support for Trump, aligning with his focus on addressing the city's challenges with migrants and limited resources.

Trump's campaign is poised to capitalize on issues of crime and migration to gain traction in New York, a state that has been a Democratic stronghold. With the trial schedule constraining his activities, but not his ambitions, Trump continues to navigate both the legal arena and the political battlefield.

Conservative Bias:

Folks, what we're seeing here is a classic case of the liberal justice system trying to railroad a great American patriot. The deep state and its leftist cronies are so terrified of President Trump's relentless fight for the American people that they'll stoop to any level to take him down. They're using this trial as a witch hunt, hoping to intimidate and silence him. But President Trump, a fighter unlike any other, is standing tall against this blatant attempt to undermine his constitutional rights and the will of the American people. These so-called "judges" and "prosecutors" are nothing more than puppets of the radical left, trying to impose their will on us by attacking the man who exposed their corruption and fought against their disastrous policies. And now, they're even trying to meddle with his rightful and powerful campaign to save America, using every trick in the book to stop him from speaking the truth about the crime-infested, Democrat-run cities. But they can't fool us; we know the real crime here is the persecution of President Trump, who is the only one brave enough to stand up for law and order in this country.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the Republican machinery is in full force, deploying its arsenal of lies, fear-mongering, and distraction techniques to shield the most corrupt president in our nation's history. Trump's courtroom antics are nothing short of an attempt to bully and intimidate the judicial process, as he has done throughout his tenure, t****ling over the rule of law with the arrogance and entitlement of a man who believes he's above it all. This trial is exposing the rot at the core of his presidency, and yet, he has the audacity to campaign on a platform of law and order while he himself flouts every legal and ethical standard. His attacks on dedicated public servants and his racist dog whistles about migrants are despicable strategies to divert attention from his own criminal behavior. The conservative media's complicity in this charade is equally appalling, as they rally around a man who's done nothing but sow division and chaos. We must remain vigilant and ensure that justice is served, despite the relentless propaganda and obstruction from Trump and his enablers, who are determined to destroy our democracy to preserve their own power.

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