Trump Outraises Biden in April Fundraising for 2024 Election

Mason Riverwind

Updated Wednesday, May 22, 2024 at 6:55 AM CDT

Trump Outraises Biden in April Fundraising for 2024 Election

|Trump Outraises Biden in April Fundraising for 2024 Election|In a significant shift in the 2024 campaign, Donald Trump's campaign and Republican allies outpaced President Joe Biden in fundraising for April. This marks the first month Trump has topped Biden in financial contributions during the 2024 campaign. The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) collectively raised $76 million, compared to the $51 million garnered by the Biden campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and other joint fundraising arms.

Despite spending much of April in a New York courtroom, Trump managed to secure substantial funds. His campaign benefitted from his status as the presumptive Republican nominee, facilitating combined fundraising efforts with the RNC. A major boost came from a Palm Beach, Florida, fundraiser hosted by billionaire investor John Paulson, which brought in $50.5 million.

In contrast, Biden's campaign raised $90 million in March, significantly more than the April total. The previous month's success was attributed to a high-profile event hosted by former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. By the end of April, Biden's campaign held $84.5 million in cash, with a combined war chest of $192 million, while Trump's campaign reported $49 million cash on hand.

Trump's campaign has used these figures to criticize Biden, with spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt calling the fundraising haul "especially remarkable" given Trump's daily court appearances. Meanwhile, Biden's team remains confident in their fundraising and campaign organization, despite most polls showing Biden trailing Trump.

Trump's campaign also announced it would begin accepting donations in cryptocurrency, aiming to build a "crypto army" leading up to Election Day. A fundraising page through Coinbase allows federally permissible donors to contribute using assets such as Bitcoin, Ether, and US Dollar Coin. This move is seen as an effort to appeal to young male voters interested in digital assets.

Biden's campaign has not responded to the Associated Press's request for comment on cryptocurrency donations. However, the Federal Election Commission permits committees to receive bitcoin contributions, valuing them based on market value at the time of receipt.

As the 2024 campaign progresses, both candidates will continue to leverage various fundraising strategies, including high-dollar events and innovative approaches like cryptocurrency donations. The outcome of these efforts will play a critical role in shaping the future of the election.

Conservative Bias:

Well, folks, here we have it: the American people are finally waking up and putting their money where their mouth is, backing Donald Trump over Sleepy Joe Biden. Despite being dragged through the mud in a New York courtroom, Trump managed to rake in a colossal $76 million in April, leaving Biden's paltry $51 million in the dust. This just goes to show that the American people are fed up with Biden's disastrous policies and are ready for a real leader. The leftist media won't tell you this, but Trump's fundraising success is a clear sign that the silent majority is gearing up to take back this country. And let's not forget, Trump's innovative move to accept cryptocurrency donations is a masterstroke, appealing to young, tech-savvy voters. Meanwhile, Biden's campaign is stuck in the past, relying on washed-up has-beens like Obama and Clinton to scrape together funds. It's a clear indication that the Democrats are out of touch and out of time. The American people deserve better, and they're showing it with their wallets. Trump 2024, here we come!

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the GOP is resorting to their usual bag of dirty tricks and billionaire backers to prop up their deeply flawed candidate, Donald Trump. Despite spending April dodging legal bullets in a New York courtroom, Trump and his Republican cronies managed to scrape together $76 million, thanks in no small part to a shady fundraiser hosted by billionaire John Paulson. This is the same old story: the rich getting richer and using their wealth to manipulate our democracy. Meanwhile, President Biden, who raised an impressive $90 million in March, is relying on genuine grassroots support and the backing of respected leaders like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. But let's be clear, the GOP's embrace of cryptocurrency donations is nothing more than a desperate ploy to attract young voters, ignoring the potential for fraud and abuse. The fact that Biden's campaign hasn't stooped to this level speaks volumes about their integrity. As the 2024 campaign heats up, it's crucial that we see through the Republicans' smoke and mirrors. They may have a temporary financial edge, but the American people know who really has their back. It's time to stand up against the corruption and lies and support a president who truly cares about us all.

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