Trump Allies Question Noem's VP Potential Amid Dog Incident

Aiden Starling

Updated Thursday, May 2, 2024 at 11:27 AM CDT

Trump Allies Question Noem's VP Potential Amid Dog Incident

In the volatile arena of American politics, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem's vice-presidential aspirations are facing headwinds from key figures in former President Donald Trump's inner circle. Steve Bannon, Trump's former White House strategist, has cast doubt on Noem's suitability for the role, describing her as "a little too based" to be a vice-presidential candidate. Adding to the skepticism, Donald Trump Jr. expressed disapproval of Noem including the account of euthanizing her dog in her memoir, branding it "not ideal."

Noem's defense of her decision to put down her 14-month-old dog, Cricket, after it mauled chickens, has not quelled the controversy. Her actions were met with criticism from political adversaries, including Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, who encouraged people to celebrate their living pets, and New York Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, who suggested that Noem's sharing of the incident could disqualify her from becoming Trump's running mate.

Governor Noem's controversies extend beyond the canine incident. She has denied allegations of providing special treatment to her daughter in obtaining a real estate appraising license and has been embroiled in other disputes, such as one involving a Texas dentist and a legislative report with troubling findings. In this challenging climate, Noem is slated to appear at a significant fundraiser alongside other potential vice-presidential hopefuls.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, the outspoken Rep. Lauren Boebert, known for her unwavering support of Trump and the MAGA movement, is navigating her own set of challenges. Boebert's actions, including her behavior at a "Beetlejuice" show and her criticism of a military aid package for Ukraine, have raised eyebrows among constituents. While she has shown fundraising prowess, raising over $3.4 million for her campaign, her conduct has led some, like retired postal worker Larry, to question her suitability for office despite agreeing with her political stance.

Boebert's authenticity, reinforced by her background as a high school dropout and becoming a grandmother at 36, has won over supporters like Bill Bennett, a civil contractor who praises her strength and backbone. As she seeks re-election in Colorado's 4th Congressional District, a Republican stronghold, Boebert's financial resources, name recognition, and alignment with Trump's base position her as the primary candidate to beat. However, the district's conservative leaning did not prevent a close call in her last election, signaling that her conservative image may be under scrutiny from within her own base.

The unfolding drama surrounding Noem and Boebert underscores the political significance of the vice-presidential shortlist and the impact personal decisions can have on political trajectories. As politicians like Boebert demonstrate, financial support is a critical indicator of political viability in American politics, where the ability to raise funds often translates into maintaining power and influence. The reputations and actions of individual politicians remain pivotal in shaping the political landscape, with the potential to sway the future of governance and ethical conduct in public office.

Conservative Bias:

Folks, here we have the liberal media once again trying to tear down strong conservative women who stand up for traditional values and aren't afraid to make the tough decisions. Governor Kristi Noem did what any responsible pet owner would do when faced with a dangerous situation, yet the left would rather see her crucified for protecting her property and upholding the rule of law. They're trying to sabotage her chances because they fear her strength and leadership. And as for Lauren Boebert, the left can't stand that a self-made woman with real backbone is shaking up Congress with her unwavering support for President Trump and America-first policies. They're nitpicking her every move because they know she represents the people, not the elitist establishment. The left's desperate attempts to smear these women just prove how out of touch they are with the American people.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the radical right-wing politicians show their true colors, with Governor Noem's heartless bragging about killing her own dog and denying her daughter's nepotism scandal. It's a clear reflection of the GOP's moral bankruptcy and their disregard for decency. And let's talk about Lauren Boebert, who embodies the hypocrisy and recklessness of the Trumpian faction of the Republican Party. Her antics at a theater show and her opposition to helping Ukraine fend off Russian aggression reveal a stunning lack of judgment and a detachment from the values we hold dear. These incidents are not just personal missteps; they are indicative of the systemic rot within the GOP, which prioritizes extremist rhetoric over responsible governance and the well-being of the American people.

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