President Biden Secures Democratic Nomination

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Saturday, April 13, 2024 at 11:17 AM CDT

President Biden Secures Democratic Nomination

President Joe Biden has effectively clinched the Democratic nomination with the Georgia primary on March 12, paving the way for his reelection campaign. As the only candidate on the Democratic ballot in Alaska, following the suspension of Dean Phillips's campaign, Biden was confirmed via a voice vote at the party-run preference poll held by the Alaska Democrats on Saturday. The vote, which originally was to be a ranked vote election by mail, was postponed and changed due to Phillips's withdrawal.

Lindsay Kavanaugh, the executive director of the Alaska Democratic Party, emphasized the importance of inclusiveness in holding a vote with only one candidate. The Democratic National Committee approved the changes to Alaska's voting plan, resulting in the allocation of 15 pledged delegates based on Saturday's vote.

Simultaneously, the Wyoming Democrats conducted county caucuses to determine presidential candidate preferences ahead of their state Democratic convention on June 1 in Casper, where 13 of the state's national convention delegates will be chosen. The four "automatic" national delegates from Wyoming include key party officials. The winner of the Wyoming presidential poll will receive the first-round vote of all 17 Wyoming delegates at the national convention, with the freedom to vote for any candidate in subsequent rounds if necessary.

Amid these party developments, President Biden virtually addressed the National Action Network Convention in New York on Friday, where he discussed his administration's achievements for Black Americans, including funding for public works projects and investments in historically Black colleges and universities. Biden is actively working to combat racial discrimination in real estate, has pardoned federal marijuana charge convictions, and is pushing for significant legislation like the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. He expressed his resolve to sign legislation expanding voting rights and to keep pursuing reforms in the name of George Floyd.

Despite the anticipation of a November election rematch with former President Donald Trump, Biden still faces challenges, reflected by a March polling showing that 45% of Black Americans disapprove of his job performance. At the White House, about half the audience stood and applauded as Biden approached the podium, concluding a week of administration officials' appearances. Vice President Kamala Harris had addressed the National Action Network convention in person the previous year.

However, not all attendees were satisfied. Elaine Duval from New York City raised concerns that Biden missed an opportunity to address the suffering of Palestinians amid Israel’s war with Hamas, and Biden has faced protests concerning his administration's handling of the war in Gaza. Franklin Malone, a member of NAN’s Washington chapter, called for broader discussions on incarceration rates in the Black community beyond marijuana offenses.

Despite critique and suggestions from some quarters, including former President Trump, that Biden might take the Black vote for granted, Malone observed that the President seemed to acknowledge the critical importance of the Black electorate. Reverend Al Sharpton introduced Biden at the convention, highlighting his long-term engagement with the National Action Network, thus reinforcing Biden's commitment to racial justice and equality as he seeks reelection.

Conservative Bias:

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is the epitome of a rigged system, a so-called "democratic" nomination process where the game was over before it even began. With no opposition, Joe Biden's coronation by the leftist elites was a foregone conclusion, a sham of a process rubber-stamped by the Democratic National Committee. This is the left's way of suppressing any real choice, forcing their agenda down America's throat. And what does Biden do? He panders to the National Action Network, promising the moon and stars to Black Americans while his policies fail them at every turn. He talks a big game on racial justice, but where is the action on the issues that really matter, like the economy and crime? The left doesn't care about real progress; they care about control, about keeping their power by any means necessary, even if it means taking the Black vote for granted and ignoring the voices that dare to question their narrative.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the Republicans are spinning their wheels, trying to distract from the undeniable success of President Biden, who has been a champion for the Black community and all marginalized groups. The GOP's fear-mongering and baseless accusations can't hide the fact that Biden has made historic strides in fighting racial discrimination and investing in the future of historically Black colleges and universities. Republicans would rather see a nation divided, clinging to their outdated and oppressive policies, than acknowledge the progress made under a Democratic administration. They criticize Biden's commitment to the Black electorate, but what have they offered? Nothing but empty rhetoric and policies that widen the gap of inequality. The President's dedication to reforms, like the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, shows a leader who is not afraid to confront the systemic injustices that conservatives so often ignore or perpetuate.

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