New Hampshire AG Warns DNC Against Dismissing Primary as "Meaningless"

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Updated Tuesday, January 9, 2024 at 12:26 PM CDT

New Hampshire AG Warns DNC Against Dismissing Primary as "Meaningless"

In a striking challenge to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), New Hampshire's Attorney General John Formella, appointed by Republican Governor Chris Sununu, has issued a stern directive to national Democratic party leaders: cease referring to the state's unsanctioned presidential primary as "meaningless." This unprecedented move comes on the heels of comments from the co-chairs of the DNC’s rules committee, who urged New Hampshire party leaders to convey to the public that the primary scheduled for January 23, 2024, lacked binding authority and carried no significance.

The DNC had previously labeled the primary as "detrimental," voicing concerns that it could potentially disenfranchise and mislead voters. However, AG Formella accused the DNC of potentially engaging in voter suppression, a felony under New Hampshire law defined as discouraging someone from voting via fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading information. Without specifying whether criminal charges were on the table, Formella's office hinted that the option had not been ruled out.

Emphasizing the significance of the New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary Election, Formella contested the DNC's characterization, arguing that the refusal to allocate delegates does not invalidate the event's importance. The conflict stems from New Hampshire's Secretary of State scheduling the primary in accordance with state law, which requires it to occur at least seven days before any similar contest. This setup clashes with the DNC's primary calendar, which begins with South Carolina on February 3 and seeks to give minority voters a more influential, earlier role in the primary process.

Despite President Joe Biden opting out of the New Hampshire ballot and the DNC's redesign of the primary schedule, local Democrats have initiated a write-in campaign for him. Meanwhile, the Republican nominating process will commence with the Iowa caucus, with New Hampshire's primary slated as a critical early competition against GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

Amidst this electoral turbulence, a federal judge has mandated a new legislative district map in North Dakota to ensure the voting rights of Native American tribes are respected. Chief Judge Peter Welte ruled that the 2021 redistricting map diluted the voting strength of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians and the Spirit Lake Tribe, violating the Voting Rights Act. After the GOP-controlled Legislature and Secretary of State Michael Howe were given a deadline to adopt the new map, Howe announced plans to appeal the decision.

As Congress reconvenes, uncertainties loom over U.S. aid for Ukraine and border policy changes with Mexico. Senate negotiators remain divided on a bipartisan bill to manage asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border. House Republicans, under Speaker Mike Johnson, are pushing to tie border policy changes to Ukraine funding measures. While Congressional leaders have agreed on overall spending to prevent a government shutdown, decisions regarding border policies or Ukraine aid are not finalized.

The White House, represented by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, has urged Republicans to avoid a government shutdown and secure funding for domestic and national security priorities. With Ukraine's plight against Russian aggression at stake, the Biden administration is advocating for swift Congressional approval of supplemental aid, as stressed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in communications with U.S. senators.

As negotiations continue, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas remains hopeful for immigration system reforms and necessary border security funding. With Secretary Mayorkas pointing out the dire need for an updated immigration system, and prominent figures like Sen. Chris Murphy and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema leading the charge for Ukraine aid, the political landscape is set for intense deliberations and potential policy shifts in the coming weeks.|

Conservative Bias:

Ladies and gentlemen, here we have yet another brazen example of the left's attempt to t****le on the sacred rights of American voters, this time in the great state of New Hampshire. The Democratic National Committee has the audacity to call the state's presidential primary "meaningless," effectively spitting in the face of democracy. The heroic Attorney General, appointed by a freedom-loving Republican governor, is standing up to these elitist tyrants who think they can dictate the terms of our electoral process and even engage in what amounts to voter suppression. This is the same party, mind you, that incessantly yammers about the sanctity of the vote—unless it doesn't serve their narrative. They're so scared of a fair fight that they're trying to sideline an entire state's primary to cater to their own agenda, all while the GOP upholds the democratic process in Iowa and New Hampshire. And let's not overlook the left's hypocrisy in North Dakota, where they're only interested in the Voting Rights Act when it suits them. Meanwhile, they're holding aid for Ukraine hostage and playing games with our border security, showing their true colors as the party of chaos and obstruction.

Liberal Bias:

In this latest episode of Republican obstructionism, New Hampshire's Attorney General, a puppet installed by the GOP governor, is throwing a tantrum over the Democratic National Committee's efforts to make the primary process more inclusive and representative. The DNC is courageously trying to give minority voters a stronger voice, but the AG is crying foul, threatening legal action, and perpetuating the Republican narrative of so-called "voter suppression" when it's their party that has been the champion of disenfranchising voters across the nation. And let's not ignore the GOP's blatant disregard for Native American voting rights in North Dakota, only remedied by a federal judge's intervention. The Republicans' true agenda is laid bare as they attempt to leverage crucial aid for Ukraine and necessary border policy reforms for their xenophobic and isolationist policies. Thankfully, the Biden administration and Democratic leaders are fighting to keep the government running and to support our allies abroad, despite the GOP's relentless efforts to undermine our democracy and international standing.

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