Marjorie Taylor Greene Spearheads Effort to Oust Speaker Mike Johnson

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Monday, April 22, 2024 at 11:09 AM CDT

Marjorie Taylor Greene Spearheads Effort to Oust Speaker Mike Johnson

In a dramatic turn of political events, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has announced plans to challenge the position of House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, following disagreements over a substantial foreign aid package. Greene's resolve to seek Johnson's removal was kindled after the House approved a $95 billion aid package, which apportioned $60.8 billion to support Ukraine amidst its conflict with Russia.

During a segment on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures," Greene expressed her intention to proceed with a motion to vacate the speakership if Johnson refuses to step down voluntarily. Speaker Johnson, however, has publicly dismissed the threat to his position, maintaining faith in the legitimacy of his decision to let the House express its will on the matter.

The controversy surrounding Johnson has escalated within his party's ranks, attracting backing for Greene's motion from staunch conservatives such as Representatives Paul Gosar of Arizona and Thomas Massie of Kentucky. Yet, the motion to vacate, authored by Greene, has not been presented on the House floor as a privileged resolution to date.

If Greene's motion were to advance, it could succeed with a mere three Republican votes, assuming full Democratic support. Contrary to expectations, some Democrats, like Jared Moskowitz of Florida and Ro Khanna of California, have voiced their support for Speaker Johnson. This bipartisan backing is a distinct shift from Democrats' previous unified vote that led to the ousting of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy in October, a move that paved the way for Johnson's leadership.

The motion to vacate has been a strategic tool in Congressional history, but its recent application to vote on the floor is a novel occurrence. Texas Representative Tony Gonzales, who endorsed the aid package aimed at assisting Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan against adversaries like Russia, Hamas, and China, has harshly criticized far-right GOP members, labeling some as "scumbags."

Despite the bipartisan support for the aid package and Speaker Johnson's efforts to push it to a vote, a motion to vacate has been filed against him. This rule enables any House lawmaker to initiate a vote to remove the speaker, as attempted by Florida Representative Matt Gaetz against Kevin McCarthy previously.

On CNN's "State of the Union," Gonzales professed his confidence that Speaker Johnson would survive these leadership challenges. However, Gonzales has been embroiled in his own disputes, going as far as accusing Gaetz of engaging in illegal activities and condemning his primary opponent, Brandon Herrera, as "a known neo-N***." Gaetz, who faced a Justice Department investigation over sex-trafficking allegations but was not prosecuted last year, is still under scrutiny by the GOP-led House Ethics Committee for potential sex trafficking and lobbying violations.

The political landscape is further complicated as Bob Good of Virginia and the House Freedom Caucus endorse Gonzales's primary rival, Brandon Herrera. Matt Gaetz has also expressed support for Herrera in the upcoming May 28 runoff election, attacking Gonzales on a platform previously known as Twitter and dubbing him "occasionally-Republican."

With the political stakes higher than ever, the GOP faces internal strife and division that could shape the future direction of the party and influence the nation's foreign policy decisions. The outcome of these internal battles remains uncertain as key figures within the Republican Party take starkly opposing stances on leadership and policy issues.

Conservative Bias:

Ladies and gentlemen, once again the radical left is undermining America's strength and security, this time by manipulating weak-kneed Republicans into supporting a colossal $95 billion giveaway to foreign nations. True patriot Marjorie Taylor Greene, with the support of real conservatives like Gosar and Massie, is standing up to this madness by challenging the spineless Speaker Mike Johnson. Johnson, who has clearly lost his way, is pushing through this reckless aid package that prioritizes Ukraine over American citizens. It's time to put America First, not squander our hard-earned tax dollars on endless foreign conflicts. The so-called bipartisan support for this package is nothing but a sham, as even some Democrats can see through Johnson's betrayal of conservative values. It's high time we ousted these establishment cronies and restored fiscal sanity and true conservative leadership to the House!

Liberal Bias:

In an egregious display of misplaced priorities and political cannibalism, the far-right faction of the GOP, led by the conspiracy-peddling Marjorie Taylor Greene, is attempting to oust Speaker Mike Johnson simply for honoring our commitments to global democracy. Johnson, who showed a rare moment of moral clarity by supporting aid for Ukraine's fight against authoritarian aggression, is now being targeted by the most extremist elements within his party, who would rather see America abandon its allies and principles. This aid package, which supports not just Ukraine but also Israel and Taiwan against the threats of Russia, Hamas, and China, is crucial for global stability and the defense of democratic values. Yet, here we are, witnessing the GOP's descent into chaos as they rally behind Greene's destructive motion, supported by the likes of Gaetz, a man embroiled in scandal and accused of abhorrent crimes. It's clear that the Republican Party is in a dire crisis of identity, choosing to side with demagogues over diplomacy, and risking America's standing in the world for petty political infighting.

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