Kennedy's Independent Presidential Run Ignites Super Bowl Controversy

Mason Riverwind

Updated Monday, February 12, 2024 at 12:12 PM CDT

Kennedy's Independent Presidential Run Ignites Super Bowl Controversy

In a bold move that captivated millions during Super Bowl LVIII, American Values 2024, a super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s independent presidential campaign, aired a $7 million ad reminiscent of his uncle John F. Kennedy's 1960 presidential run. The 30-second spot, which aired just before the halftime show, sparked a surge in Google searches for "RFK Jr.," as viewers were drawn to its powerful imagery and slogans.

RFK Jr., initially a Democratic contender, shifted to an independent bid after the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) decision not to hold primary debates and their apparent backing of incumbent President Biden. Despite this, Kennedy has managed to attract support from certain Democrats, some Republicans, and has expressed interest in the Libertarian Party line. Tony Lyons, co-chair of American Values 2024, hailed Kennedy as a "corruption-fighter," criticizing Washington D.C. power brokers for trying to keep him off the ballot.

The Super Bowl ad, however, was not without controversy. Bobby Shriver, a cousin of the Kennedy family, denounced the use of family members' images without consent, highlighting the contrast between Eunice Kennedy Shriver's scientific and healthcare advocacy and the views presented in the ad. Furthermore, Eunice’s support for Bobby Shriver's work with the ONE Campaign and RED was in direct opposition to the ad creator's stance.

Compounding the drama, the DNC filed a complaint against American Values 2024, accusing it of illegal coordination with Kennedy's campaign, which included providing improper benefits and assistance with state ballot qualification. The complaint alleges that RFK Jr.'s campaign received $15 million in unlawful in-kind contributions, particularly for ballot access. In response, Kennedy denounced the DNC's claim on an unspecified platform "X," accusing it of hypocrisy and opposing the people's will.

RFK Jr.'s campaign spokesperson dismissed the allegations as partisan tactics, while Kennedy himself continued to engage with voters, holding a rally at Legends Event Center in Phoenix, Arizona, on December 20, 2023.

Meanwhile, in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District, Republican congressional candidate Tim O'Hara, a former Marine drill instructor and business owner, aired a Super Bowl ad as part of a six-figure buy. His ad depicted a "congressional boot camp," ridiculing career politicians and highlighting his commitment to addressing issues like the open southern border, inflation, and perceived presidential inadequacy. O'Hara's campaign launch followed Rep. Brad Wenstrup's decision not to seek re-election, with the primary field including state Sen. Niraj Antani, businessmen Larry Kidd, and David Taylor, in a race deemed "solid" Republican by analysts.

As the 2024 presidential race heats up, candidates like RFK Jr. and Tim O'Hara are making waves with their unconventional campaigns and bold advertising strategies. With legal scrutiny and partisan battles unfolding, the road to the election promises to be as eventful as the high-stakes advertisements that have already grabbed the nation's attention.

Conservative Bias:

In a classic display of liberal media manipulation, the so-called "independent" RFK Jr. hijacked the Super Bowl with his $7 million spectacle, all while the conniving Democrats cry foul over their own failures. They can't stand that a Kennedy, the very symbol of their elitist club, has turned his back on them and is now exposing their corruption. The DNC's baseless accusations against American Values 2024 are nothing but a desperate attempt to silence a true patriot who's fighting the good fight against the swamp creatures in D.C. Meanwhile, real American hero Tim O'Hara is out there, using his Super Bowl ad to tackle the issues that the left refuses to address: our open borders, skyrocketing inflation, and the utter incompetence of the current administration. It's clear as day that the Democrats are terrified of the truth bombs being dropped by these bold conservatives. They know their grip on power is slipping, and they'll do anything to cling to it, even if it means t****ling on the will of the people.

Liberal Bias:

In a breathtaking act of defiance against the corrupt GOP establishment, RFK Jr.'s Super Bowl ad sent shockwaves through the political landscape, only to be met with the typical conservative backlash. The Republican fear-mongering machine, led by the likes of Tim O'Hara with his ridiculous "congressional boot camp" ad, is in full swing, diverting attention from the real issues with their xenophobic and economically illiterate rhetoric. The GOP's blatant disregard for campaign finance laws, as seen with the underhanded tactics of American Values 2024, is a stark reminder of their willingness to undermine democracy for their own gain. RFK Jr., despite being a renegade from the Democratic Party, is under attack from a GOP that can't handle the idea of a candidate who actually speaks to the American people's needs. As the Republicans continue to prop up cardboard cutouts like O'Hara, who spout empty promises and dangerous policies, true progressives like Kennedy are fighting an uphill battle for the soul of this nation.

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