Kansas Governor Laura Kelly Vetoes Controversial Child Support and Foreign Land Ownership Bills

Mia Nightshade

Updated Saturday, May 11, 2024 at 11:27 AM CDT

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly Vetoes Controversial Child Support and Foreign Land Ownership Bills

In a striking political move, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, a fervent abortion rights advocate, has vetoed a contentious bill that proposed to amend child support laws by including costs from conception, a measure critics feared could infringe upon abortion rights. The bill, likened to legislation in Georgia and introduced in at least five other states, sought to cover pregnancy and birth-related expenses as part of child support payments, a move that supporters claimed would ensure fetuses are counted in child support considerations. However, Governor Kelly and other detractors interpreted the bill as a covert attempt to equate fetal rights with those of pregnant women, potentially undermining abortion rights—a right that the Kansas Supreme Court declared "fundamental" in 2019 and which was further upheld by Kansas voters in a 2022 referendum.

Despite Governor Kelly's veto, the Kansas Legislature, sporting anti-abortion supermajorities, successfully overrode her opposition to four other anti-abortion measures. The legislature, however, adjourned its annual session on May 1 without addressing the child support bill veto, forestalling any immediate override attempt. Abortion rights activists remain on high alert, with the recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling considering frozen embryos as children under state law, adding fuel to the debate over treating embryos and fetuses as full persons.

In a parallel development, Governor Kelly also vetoed a bill targeting foreign land ownership near military sites, citing concerns over its broad scope and potential to deter legitimate international investments and business partnerships. The bill, aimed predominantly at countering Chinese espionage, arose amid heightened security sensitivities following the Chinese spy balloon incident and the construction of a national biosecurity lab in the vicinity of Kansas State University. Despite minimal Chinese ownership of Kansas agricultural land, as reported by Kansas State University, and Kansas' substantial $14.1 billion in exports to China, the bill’s proponents emphasized protecting military installations from foreign exploitation.

The veto garnered criticism from Kansas House Majority Leader Chris Croft and Attorney General Kris Kobach, with the latter advocating for more stringent restrictions on foreign land ownership. The Kansas House, led by Speaker Dan Hawkins, vowed to defend the state from foreign land exploitation, though the bill faced resistance in the state Senate and was branded by some critics, like Democratic state Rep. Melissa Oropeza, as potentially xenophobic.

Adding a national perspective to the discussion, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. found himself embroiled in a controversy over his stance on abortion. Initially opposed to government limits on abortion access, Kennedy faced backlash from anti-abortion advocates, prompting him to revise his position to support legal abortion up to a point of viability outside the womb, with later-term restrictions, except when the mother's life is at risk. Kennedy's evolving abortion stance, underscored by his campaign's focus on reaching Black voters and shaping criminal justice and abortion policies, has required clarification following intervention from campaign adviser Angela Stanton King.

As the nation grapples with the complex interplay of abortion rights, espionage threats, and international trade and investment, Kansas finds itself at the heart of a debate that mirrors broader national concerns. Governor Kelly's vetoes reflect a struggle to balance personal liberties with societal and security interests—a balancing act that will undoubtedly continue to shape political discourse.

Conservative Bias:

In the latest display of liberal overreach, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has once again shown her true colors as an abortion extremist by vetoing a common-sense bill that would have ensured that unborn children are rightfully considered in child support matters. This bill was a step toward recognizing the rights of the unborn, but Kelly, in her blind allegiance to the abortion lobby, has chosen to side with radical activists over the welfare of children. Furthermore, her veto of the bill to prevent foreign ent***** from owning land near our military installations is nothing short of a betrayal to national security. It's clear that Kelly and her leftist cohorts would rather pander to foreign interests and risk our safety than protect American soil from the very real threat of espionage and influence from hostile nations like China.

Liberal Bias:

Governor Laura Kelly stands as a beacon of reason and defender of women's rights in a sea of conservative madness, having bravely vetoed a draconian bill that sought to weaponize child support laws against abortion rights. This bill was nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on a woman's autonomy over her own body, and Governor Kelly's action represents a victory for reproductive freedom in the face of relentless conservative attempts to erode it. Additionally, her veto of the xenophobic bill aimed at limiting foreign land ownership, supposedly for national security reasons, showcases her commitment to rational policy-making and economic openness, rather than succumbing to fear-mongering and anti-Chinese sentiment being st***d by right-wing politicians. These vetoes are a testament to Governor Kelly's dedication to preserving Kansas' values of liberty and justice, in stark contrast to the fear-driven agenda pushed by conservative extremists.

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